Angel Number 117 Meaning: Patience On Journey To Self Improvement

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

Wise old people and great mystics have always believed that numbers hold a particular meaning, more often than not. 

We are all surrounded by various numbers, random and patterned, all the time. Yet we never pay attention to these numbers usually. Until we have spotted an angel number.

An angel number will demand your attention and surely grab your eye no matter how much you try to ignore them. They will stand out to you and keep appearing to you no matter how much you try to ignore them.

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Angel numbers are a series of digits repeated in the same synchronicity. There are numerous angel numbers in this world, and they all hold their own meanings and messages.

Angel numbers are nothing less than a phenomenon, and they will usually carry a very specific message from your guardian angels and this universe.

Angel Number 117

As we said earlier, there are many different angel numbers with their own meanings and messages, and we will talk about one of them today. 

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Let’s discuss angel number 117. We will discuss what specific meaning these angel numbers hold and how we can make the best out of it. 

Angel number 117 is made of two main digits – 1 and 7. 1, as 11 is a karmic number that represents the mission of your soul and the purpose of your life.

And the next number is 7, which represents the spiritual journey and enlightenment that you will soon receive on your journey. 

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Together, angel number 117 means your spiritual awakening is about to happen, but you must fulfill your soul’s mission on this earth first. 

Practice gratefulness in your life to be able to see the value of the gifts that this universe has bestowed upon you. Only after that you’ll be able to see what’s important for your future.

Secret Meaning Of Angel Number 117

The hidden meaning of angel number 117 lies in the symbolism of its digits’ collective meaning. As we said above, angel number 117 wants you to understand the value of the gifts that have been bestowed upon you. 

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This will help you face your current difficulties with more courage and patience. And for those who see angel number 117 frequently, patience is the key to their true happiness and peace in life. 

Once you start practicing gratefulness, you will stop engaging in negative thoughts, and this will further help you gain the right mindset. If you don’t develop the right mindset of gratefulness, then your life will be consumed with hatred for petty things. 

Angel number 117 is a reminder from your angels that you are already on the right path. If you just work a little more on yourself, you will be able to achieve your full potential in every aspect. 

Your guardian angels will always provide you with the support you need to fulfill your life’s mission. Sometimes, when you walk the path of truth, you face several hurdles and obstacles. This is why patience is the key factor that will help you through the most difficult times easily. 

Positive Self-Talk Is Important

One of the biggest mistakes most people often make is having negative self-talk in their weakest moments. If it’s wrong to demotivate others when they are already down, then it’s also wrong to demotivate yourself when you’re feeling low.

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That’s why negative self-talk will be the bane of your life if you don’t quickly change this habit. You must work on avoiding negative self-talk and become your own best supporter and cheerleader

You are already aware of your capabilities, so don’t let yourself down by focusing on all the negatives. Once you start focusing on your abilities, you will start using them better to accomplish all your goals in life.

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Your guardian angels are pouring their love and support down on you every waking moment of your life. They are applauding you for trying to do your best – so learn to applaud yourself as well. 

If you have ever faced a tough situation and made it out of it earlier, then rest assured you will sail through every bad storm. Just believe in yourself. 

Angel Number 117 For Love

Like most other angel numbers, 117 also has a distinct meaning when it comes to love and relationships. Angel number 117 is a sign that your life is filled with a lot of love, and you must never take it for granted.

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You, like everyone else, deserve all the love that you are getting, but always practice gratefulness for it. And make efforts to give as much love to others as you are getting from them.

Angel number 117 wants you to know that love comes in all forms and shapes. It isn’t something that merely exists in romantic forms. You must make love of every kind your priority.

Only when you learn to accept and appreciate the love you currently have will you be able to find the kind of love you are looking for.

Angel Number 117 For Relationships

Your guardian angels want you to understand that relationships can sometimes be hard to maintain, but you shouldn’t give up on them.

We often have various kinds of relationships with people, and they aren’t always easy. To maintain a relationship, you have to learn how to live in harmony and with patience.

Your angels are asking you to practice patience in your relationships. A relationship – be it romantic, business, or friendly – can only survive with mutual respect and understanding. 

You must not expect everyone to be perfect. People often make mistakes, you included, so learn to let go of the grudges held against others and yourself.

Angel Number 117 For Twin Flames

When you find a twin flame, you have essentially found a piece of your soul, the other half of your conscience. With a twin flame, you can live your best life.

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It is often hard for people to find their twin flames because people often don’t get so lucky. But guess what? If you have been seeing angel number 117, it means you are probably very close to meeting your twin flame. You might have even met them already but don’t know it yet.

If you are seeing angel number 117, then it means you are about to meet your twin flame soon, so keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. 

Angel number 117, in regards to a twin flame, represents the eternal friendship between two souls. So if you have been praying to find your twin flame, then thank God, for you have found one.

Spiritual Meaning Of 117

On a spiritual level, angel number 117 is a sign that you should be grateful for the life you have received and be patient with it. Things might not always go as you wish, but with patience, you can overcome all your obstacles.

Your life is always connected with the universal divine soul that exists in all, and angel number 117 brings the message of peace to it.

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Angel number 117 is a reminder for you that your angels have an undying love for you, and they will always watch over you. You must advance on your journey to find the spiritual enlightenment to find the true purpose of your life. 

Number 117 For Career

For your career, angel number 117 brings good news. You have the support of your guardian angels to follow your dreams, and with their blessings, you will surely find success.

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Your angels will be with you on your journey. You must follow a career that is in line with your skills and inner core truth. You will not be happy if you pick something you are not happy with. 

Whenever you are struggling, your guardian angel will provide you with support and guidance through your tough times. Make sure that the career you pick is something that can serve you and others as well.

You are gifted and must learn to use your gifts for the betterment of your life and society. You must resist greed in your work and rude behavior in your association with people. 


So if you have been seeing angel number 117 recently, then you are a really lucky person. Many great changes are about to happen in your life, and your guardian angels will be with you through all of it.

You will never really be lonely because your angels are watching over you, and they will always take care of you. You must go on and create the life that you have always wanted for yourself. Patience is the key.

With patience and gratefulness, you will achieve all your goals and find many greater opportunities in the future as well. 

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Learn to focus all your energy, creativity, skills, and talents on something your heart wants and approves. That’s how you will achieve the ultimate focus to finish all your endeavors successfully. 

With angel number 117, expect great things to happen.

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