Beginning Your Spiritual Journey

Spirituality is a journey of internal discovery, which helps you understand the world around you and the energies in your path.

Here at The Fifth Element Life, we know how confusing the concept of spirituality can be. There are misconceptions about spirituality and how to access cosmic knowledge. We have created a guide with everything you need to know at the beginning of your journey to escort you through this personal path.

Before we start, we want to give a warm welcome to the readers of We have recently acquired the site and are grateful to see this encouraging and loving community grow. 

What Is Spirituality?

The concept of spirituality is broad, and it covers many perspectives. Generally speaking, spirituality means connecting to something bigger than yourself. Normally, we focus on The Earth, Nature, or The Cosmos.

Taking in the world like this helps us understand how our actions can affect others. It allows us to see the world and the knowledge it brings. It helps us connect to the energy around us, bringing a sense of calm.

There are many ways that the world connects to us, and our mind often receives this information without us knowing. When we are connected to the world, we can tap into this knowledge through dreams, awareness and intuition. 

The journey to knowledge is long, and you cannot expect to understand everything straight away. Instead, you can use guides like the ones we have created to help you unravel the information in front of you.

Explaining Crystal Meditation

Each crystal has its own healing or manifesting effect. This means they can either help bring a specific or general concept into your life, or help heal and repair the struggle you are dealing with.

To activate these effects, you need to meditate with the crystals. The crystals produce energy that you can tap into, allowing positivity to calm your world.

How To Meditate With Crystals

Before the meditation starts, your chosen crystals should be charged through the sun’s light. Put your crystals next to a window or outside and allow the sunlight to touch them. You can do this with moonlight too. The longer they charge, the more energy they can give.

When they are ready, get comfortable in whatever sitting position suits you, then hold your crystal in both hands and think about the task you want it to help with. Be as specific as possible. This crystal will then become the touchstone of that task. For example, when the meditation is complete, you might use it as a calming tool when social situations become overwhelming. When you need to use it, simply touch the stone to release the calming effect. 

Before you can use the effect, you need to ground yourself. In your meditation, you must search for your highest self, the version of you which does the most good. Using this self, you can ask the crystal for permission to use their vibrations for your task. Your intuition will tell you if your request has been answered.

Hold your breath, and feel for the energy’s acceptance.

The ritual shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. Once you have completed your meditation, stretch your body and drink plenty of water. Don’t rush yourself at this moment. 

Once completed, you can use the crystal as intended when you need to avoid negative vibrations. 

When it has been used, you should recharge your crystal and meditate again.

The First Two Crystals You Should Use

The first crystal we would recommend is the Red Calcite. This crystal has strong vibrations that emit the energy of love. Also known as the crystal for the soul, its power can help you release anxiety, stress, and anger.

The second crystal we recommend is the Golden Healer Quartz Crystal. This crystal can help you bring your hopes and dreams to life. Its energy is empowering with bursts of motivation and self-confidence. The healing aspect of the crystal comes from its ability to protect you, clearing out negative energy and awakening your personal wisdom.

These are great first crystals, as they tackle everyday issues of self-doubt and anxiety. With their help, your life will become less worrisome.

Understanding Symbolism In Your Life

Symbolism is when your mind connects meaning to items, words, or images and shows you the phenomenon with strength. Your mind is creating a story to tell you something you have missed. The subconscious part of yourself, speaking to you and conveying information. 

Although our minds make different connections to the world around us, there are always similarities. Unless you have a personal connection to a Bear, for example, the symbolism of the animal will be the same for all of us.

You can manifest the emotions, outcomes, or desires you hope to achieve using these symbols.

Animal Symbolism

There are many ways to note animal symbolism in your life. If you often see an animal walking alongside you in life, this might be your spirit animal. If you want to call upon an animal to help you get through a struggle in life, then this is a totem animal. And lastly, if you see an animal in your dreams and their presents are important, then this is your spiritual mind communicating to you.

These animals could be anything. To help you figure out the meaning of your animal symbol here is a quick list of creatures and their brief definitions:

  • Albatross
    • Spirit Animal of those with independent souls.
    • Their Totem brings good luck and prosperity.
    • They suggest creativity and inspiration when seen in dreams, but a dead albatross signifies greed and violence.
  • Alligator
    • This Spirit Animal chooses you when you need to slow down.
    • The Alligator Totem brings wisdom and quick decision-making.
    • In dreams, Alligators are a sign of good fortune, but if attacking, they show great fear in your life.
  • Ant
    • As Spirit Animals, Ants suggest inner power, and a great strength of will.
    • When you need to make important plans, you should call the Ant Totem.
    • In dreams, the Ant shows your instinct to build and be successful if you are committed.
  • Barn Owl
    • Those with Barn Owls for their spiritual companion are often good at finding their way, no matter the darkness.
    • If you need a guide to help you follow a darkened spiritual path, the Barn Owl should be your Totem.
    • If you dream of Barn Owls, your energy is warning of darkness coming.
  • Bat
    • Bats are another guiding spiritual companion, but they often find you during times of change.
    • You should call upon the Bat Totem when you need help perceiving the world around you.
    • If you dream of a Bat, then a negative change may be coming.
  • Bear
    • If you are a courageous soul and protective to your friends and family, then you may have a Bear as a Spirit Animal.
    • If you need the strength to endure a hard time, call upon the Bear Totem. It will protect you.
    • Bears in dreams often try to help you with an internal struggle. Watch what the bear is doing as your mind and spirit communicate an answer.
  • Bee
    • If you are a hard worker with a strong work ethic, then the Bee might be your Spirit Animal.
    • You should call upon the Bee Totem if you need luck and fertility in your life.
    • In dreams, Bees often show a need to decode something. You may need to focus more on an issue in your life.
  • Beetle
    • Beatles are the Spiritual Animal of transformation.
    • If you need physical insight, call upon the Beetle Totem.
    • Beatles are often physical manifestations. If you see one in your dreams, you may need to practice self-love on your physical appearance.
  • Bird
    • Birds as Spirit Animals often guide you through a time when calling for help feels difficult.
    • You should call upon the Bird Totem when you require eloquent words.
    • If you see a bird singing in your dreams, it’s a sign to open your feelings and thoughts to those around you.
  • Bison
    • Bison is the Spirit Animal of family life.
    • If you need to slow down and reconnect to nature, call upon the Bison Totem.
    • If you see a Bison in your dreams, it could be a sign that your life has been forced to slow down.
  • Black Swan
    • If your Spirit Animal is a Black Swan, you may feel as though you are out of place in life.
    • You should call upon the Black Swan Totem if you want to create mystery or aloofness in your personality.
    • Seeing Black Swans in your dreams suggests a dark desire.
  • Butterfly
    • Butterflies are the Spirit Animal of transformation.
    • You should call upon the Butterfly Totem in moments of glee.
    • If you dream of butterflies, you dream of creative change.
  • Camel
    • Camels are the Spirit Animal of journeying.
    • You should call on the Camel Totem when you need focus.
    • If you see a Camel in your dreams, it’s a sign of trouble coming your way. You will need to endure this struggle, but it may take time to achieve.  
  • Cat
    • Cats are the Spirit Animal of balance and analyzing.
    • You should call upon the Cat Totem when you need to tap into your curiosity and independence.
    • If you dream of Cats, you may be manifesting a new relationship.
  • Caterpillar
    • The Caterpillar is the Spirit Animal of children.
    • You should call upon the Caterpillar Totem to create optimism.
    • If you dream of a Caterpillar, you could be feeling the energy of hidden intentions.
  • Chameleon
    • Chameleons are the Spirit Animal of intuition.
    • You should call upon the Chameleon Totem when you need help multitasking.
    • If you see a Chameleon in your dreams, it could be a sign that you’re missing something hidden away. Or it could be a sign that you have adapted well to a new environment.
  • Cheetah
    • The Cheetah is the Spirit Animal of speed and achievement.
    • You should call upon the Cheetah Totem when you need to make decisions quickly.
    • If you see a Cheetah in your dreams, it is a sign of quick movement. You might be going through stages too fast, or you could be achieving your goals earlier than expected.
  • Cicada
    • Cicadas are the Spirit Animal of hiding and emerging when necessary.
    • You should call upon the Cicada Totem when you need help standing out.
    • In dreams, Cicadas are signs of good news for other members of your life.
  • Cockroach
    • Cockroaches are the Spirit Animal of endurance and survival.
    • You should call upon the Cockroach when you feel challenged or persecuted.
    • In dreams, Cockroaches are there to remind you to preserve yourself.
  • Cow
    • Cows are the Spirit Animal of fertility.
    • You should call upon the Cow Totem to bring stability to your life.
    • In dreams, Cows represent calm.
  • Crow
    • Crows are the Spirit Animal of teaching and messages.
    • You should call upon the Crow Totem when you need help problem-solving.
    • Seeing Crows in dreams often means important news is coming.
  • Deer
    • Deer are the Spirit Animal of new beginnings.
    • When you need guidance with wisdom and instinct, call upon the Deer Totem.
    • In dreams, deer represent compassion.
  • Dog
    • Dogs are the Spirit Animal of reassurance.
    • You should call upon the Dog Totem to enhance your loyalty.
    • If you see a Dog in a dream, you may need help getting in control of your life.
  • Dolphin
    • Dolphins are the Spirit Animal of self-appreciation.
    • You should embrace the Dolphin Totem when you need help enjoying life and love.
    • If you see a Dolphin in your dreams, it often suggests incoming joy.
  • Donkey
    • Donkeys are the Spirit Animal of strength and modesty.
    • You should call upon the Donkey Totem when you need help physically or emotionally lifting others.
    • Dreaming of Donkeys means remembering who you work with and how you burden them.
  • Dove
    • Doves are the Spirit Animal of guidance and direction.
    • Dove Totems are used to protect relationships.
    • In dreams, Doves communicate the emotions you are feeling.
  • Eagle
    • Eagles are the Spirit Animal of rebirth and fortitude.
    • If you are going on an adventure, you should call upon the Eagle Totem.
    • If you dream of Eagles, then your subconscious mind is telling you that you are appreciated.
  • Elephant
    • Elephants are the Spirit Animal of family.
    • Elephant Totems are used to build meaningful relationships.
    • In dreams, Elephants often gift you wisdom. 
  • Firefly
    • Firefly Spirit Animals guide you through the darkness.
    • When you need enlightenment, call upon the Firefly Totem.
    • If you see a Firefly in your dreams, take in their message as an unexpected blessing.
  • Fish
    • Fish are the blessings of femininity when you see them in Spirit form. 
    • Call upon the Fish Totem when you need help pushing against the currents of the past.
    • If you dream of Fish, you may be tapping into your self-awareness.
  • Fox
    • Foxes are the Spirit Animal of change.
    • Fox Totems are the animals of luck and tricks.
    • If you dream of Foxes, be ready for tricks but trust your instincts.
  • Giraffe
    • Giraffe Spirit Animals show you a clear vision of what’s ahead.
    • As Totem Animals, Giraffes help you see the bigger picture.
    • In dreams, Giraffes help you figure out if you are happy in the “now.”
  • Goat
    • Goat Spirit Animals symbolize luck and new beginnings.
    • As Totem Animals, Goats show you that you’re stronger than your hardships.
    • In dreams, Goats suggest success and wealth.
  • Gorilla
    • Gorillas are the Spirit Animal of community and problem-solving.
    • As Totem Animals, they protect you and your family.
    • Your feelings towards the Gorilla in your dream reflect your feelings for your family.
  • Griffin
    • Griffins are the Spirit Animal of status and power.
    • As Totem Animals, Griffins provide you with leadership.
    • If you dream of a Griffin, it will impart wisdom to you.
  • Hare
    • Hares are the Spirit Animal of hyper-awareness.
    • The Hare’s Totem has a keen mind and a high perception of their surroundings. 
    • If you see a Hare in your dreams, know that they are connected to looking for or hoping to have children.
  • Horses
    • Horses are the symbol of freedom and beauty. If you see a Horse Spirit Animal, know that good tidings are coming.
    • Horse Totems allow you to connect to that freedom and find courage.
    • Dreaming of Horses often connects to your perception of drive and passion.
  • Jellyfish
    • Jellyfish are the Spirit Animal of simple life.
    • As a Totem Animal, the Jellyfish is known to be laid back and calm.
    • If you see a Jellyfish in your dreams, it’s a sign of peace and calm.
  • Lamb
    • Lambs are the Spirit Animal of innocence and purity.
    • They are the Totem Animal for the charitable.
    • If you dream of a lamb, it’s the sign of a new beginning. 
  • Lion
    • Lions are the Spirit Animal of power and strength.
    • They are the Totem Animal for self-discovery.
    • However, your reaction to the Lion in your dream is a representation of your relationship with power. 
  • Mermaid
    • The Mermaid Spirit Animal is playful and spontaneous.
    • They are the Totem Animal for secrets.
    • If you dream of Mermaids, you may be feeling passionate about an unattainable concept.
  • Moose
    • The Moose is the Spirit Animal of pride and strength.
    • If this is your Totem Animal, you are a proud person who doesn’t hold back their identity.
    • If you dream of Moose, then you are connecting to your masculine energy. 
  • Mouse
    • Mice are the Spirit Animal for shyness and peace.
    • If the Mouse is your Totem Animal, then you are great at reacting to change.
    • If you dream of Mice, you probably feel incompetent or outmatched by the tasks in your life.
  • Octopus
    • Octopus Spirit Animals are the presence of adaptation.
    • Those who have the Octopus as their Totem Animal wear their emotions on their sleeve.
    • In dreams, Octopi represent far-reaching influences.
  • Otter
    • Otter Spirit Animals are the embodiment of playfulness.
    • If the Otter is your Totem Animal, you are probably a carefree person.
    • If you see an Otter in your dreams, you are probably celebrating something.
  • Pegasus
    • If a Pegasus Spirit enters your life, it’s a sign of clairvoyance.
    • If you have the Pegasus as your Totem Animal, then you likely inspire those around you.
    • If you see the Pegasus in your dreams, you are opening your life to extraordinary things.
  • Phoenix
    • The Phoenix, in Spirit Animal form, is a sign of harmony and balance.
    • As a Totem Animal, they symbolize renewal and strength.
    • If you see one in your dreams, it’s a sign of an explosive new beginning. 
  • Pig
    • Pigs are the Spirit Animal of pleasures.
    • They are the Totem Animals of good fortune and fertility.
    • In dreams, Pigs represent finding something.
  • Scorpion
    • Scorpions as a Spirit Animal are often a warning.
    • As Totem Animals, they represent the uncomfortable element of change.
    • Seeing a Scorpion in your dreams often suggests a strong message you need to listen to.
  • Shark
    • Sharks are powerful Spirit Animals, giving you the strength to ignore the whims of others and instead follow your own inner guidance.
    • As a Totem Animal, they show little emotion but incredible energy.
    • If you dream of Sharks, you may be going through a betrayal.
  • Snake
    • Snakes are an observant Spirit Animal, and they guide you into purposeful thinking.
    • As a Totem Animal, Snakes have surprising healing powers.
    • Snakes may appear in your dreams before a significant life change.
  • Spider
    • Surprisingly, Spider Spirit Animals are a sign of drive and passion.
    • If your Totem Animal is a Spider, you are very well balanced in life.
    • If you see a Spider in your dreams, it’s a sign of an important message.
  • Tiger
    • Tigers as Spirit Animals show you are in touch with your primal instincts.
    • In Totem form, Tigers show you are a curious and confident person.
    • Tigers in your dreams represent your raw feelings.
  • Turtle
    • Turtles are a calming Spirit Animal, giving a positive outlook on life.
    • If you have a Turtle as a Totem Animal, you are probably comfortable moving at your own pace.
    • If you see a Turtle in your dreams, it may signify that you need to slow down.
  • Unicorn
    • As Spirit Animals, Unicorns represent imagination and creativity.
    • If the Unicorn is your Totem, you have a strong sense of unity and cooperation.
    • In dreams, Unicorns represent honesty. 
  • Vulture
    • You may be surprised to learn that Vultures represent growth from suffering when you see them as Spirit Animals.
    • If the Vulture is your Totem Animal, you are likely a resourceful person with incredible patience. 
    • If you see a Vulture in your dreams, you may need to re-think an upcoming decision.
  • Whale
    • Whales are the spirit librarians, keeping the knowledge of the world with them.
    • If the Whale is your Totem Animal, you likely have a nurturing soul.
    • Whales in your dreams represent emotional healing.
  • Wolf
    • Wolves are the Animal Spirits of loyalty.
    • In Totem form, the Wolf represents being free of physical restrictions. 
    • Seeing a Wolf in your dreams means allowing the uncivilized version of yourself to run free. 

Flowers Symbolism

You may want to add flowers to your meditation or dot them around your home to better produce the energy you wish to achieve. Each flower has its own symbolism and cultural significance.

Most flowers have more than one meaning, as you can see below. Mixing these meanings together could help you create a more specific manifestation.

Flowers For Admiration

If you want to show admiration when someone has made an achievement, these flowers would be the perfect way to celebrate. Although they all have their own history and connection, they each symbolize your admiration for the person.

You can give just one flower or have a bouquet with each admirable petal in. Choose from: Purple Allium, Clematis, Cyclamen, Purple Dahlia, Hibiscus, Honeysuckle, Pink Morning Glory, Sunflower, and Pansy.

Flowers For Ambition

If you feel your ambitions fading, you may wish to add these flowers to your home. Their ambitious energies could power you through any procrastination feelings you are having. You could pick one and place it at your desk, or let the choice below decorate your whole house through color and expression.

These are the flowers that represent ambition: Purple Acacia and Columbine.

Flowers For Anger

If you feel anger and need to concentrate on the negative feeling to process the emotion, you may wish to keep these flowers near you. Their energy can bring up those bubbling feelings as you deal with the hurt inflicting you.

In a different direction, you could also bring these flowers in bunches and release them from your home, stem by stem. As you do so, the angry feeling will leave you too. 

The flowers to help you on this journey are Alyssum, Orange Buttercup, and Petunia.

Flowers For Balance

If your life is feeling chaotic, and you need a sense of balance to maintain yourself, you may need to dot these flowers around your home. Place them in opposite corners of your room (if possible) to allow them to take full effect.

The flowers you should choose are Alyssum and Cosmos.

Flowers For Beauty

Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we all have days where our outward aesthetic matters to us. It could be a wedding, a party or simply those days when we feel down.

When you want to gather the energies that prosper beauty, use these flowers: Red Amaryllis, Cosmos, Daffodil, Dahlia, Heliotrope, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Lily, Hydrangea, Narcissus, and Poppy.

Flowers For Bitterness

Just like with anger, you may find yourself needing to deal with the bitterness in your life. Forcing these negative feelings to the surface can help you understand them and process them. 

It can be hard to keep those feelings around you, so to help maintain their energy, use these flowers in your cleansing routine: Alyssum, and Calendula.

Flowers For Courage

Courage comes from within, but there are always ways to tap into that energy. Flowers such as those below harness the power of courage and can help you stay strong.

You can add them to your clothes on particularly scary days, like a test or a challenging meeting. With their aura around you, you will feel empowered to get through the moment with bravery. 

The flowers you should choose from are Red Allium and Red Orchids.

Flowers For Deception

Sometimes we need to deceive others. You may wish to show happiness when you are actually uncomfortable. Or perhaps you want to show joy when in reality, you are displeased. Deception is necessary when your opinion will only harm a person for no good reason.

To help you protect those from unneeded truths, wear Clematis.

Flowers For Elegance

On days where elegance is of the utmost importance, you should bring these flowers into your home. Add them to your wedding dress, attach them to your graduation gowns, or simply keep them in mind when you meditate. Their energy will strengthen your elegant touch.

Choose these three flowers for elegance: Lavender Allium, White Alyssum, and Dahlia.

Flowers For Empathy

If you struggle to empathize with someone’s situation, you may need to add Alstroemeria, Orange Buttercup, or Cyclamen to your meditation rituals. These flowers will help you open your heart to another’s suffering.

Flowers For Friendship

Many different flowers symbolize friendship, but just as each relationship differs, so does each symbol. Depending on how you connect to the person, you may wish to use a specific flower to symbolize them.

Here is just a small list of friendship flowers: Pink Allium, Alstroemeria, Purple Amaryllis, Azalea, Bellflower, Yellow Columbine, Yellow Buttercup, Yellow Cosmos, Delphinium, Pink Hibiscus, Yellow Hollyhock, Freesia, Purple Heather, Yellow Orchids, and Periwinkle.

Flowers For Grace

If you face a social situation where tensions can arise, you may need to recenter yourself. Keeping graceful in these situations can be difficult, so using one of these flowers could help you focus your energies: Lavender Allium, Alstroemeria, Pink Dahlia, Delphinium, Purple Heliotrope, Purple Hibiscus, Jasmine, Hydrangea, and Petunia.

Flowers For Growing

Violet Alyssum and Dandelion symbolize the power of growth. If you hope your garden will reach full bloom with ease, add these bulbs to your patch of land. 

Flowers For Good Fortune

Offering good fortune during a celebration is a wonderful gift. It could be given at a wedding, birthday, or housewarming. You can deliver these flowers as blessings for the years to come at any new beginning.

Flowers that symbolize good fortune are Allium, Amaryllis, Clover, Columbine, Chrysanthemum, Dandelion, White Hollyhock, Jasmine, Mayflower, and Green Orchids.

Flowers for Happiness

Happiness is something we all strive for. Just like any emotion, we cannot hold on to it for long, which is why adding happy energy into your life can help you maintain the feeling for longer.

If you welcome happiness into your home, then you will find it more often. To help you reach the blissful feeling, add these flowers to your meditations: Yellow Acacia, Pink Allium, Orange, Amaryllis, Bellflower, Calendula, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Crocus, Delphinium, Hellebore, Honeysuckle, Blue Lilac, Sunflower, Pansy, Peony, Periwinkle, and Petunia.

Flowers For Health

If you want to give flowers to someone in the hospital, then you should add these to your bouquet. Either use them as a bunch or mix them together to create a beautiful arrangement. Their healing energies can add to the recovery process.

The flowers which symbolize healing are Orange Amaryllis, Azalea, Bellflower, Green Buttercup, Calendula, Carnation, Daffodil, Dandelion, and Foxglove.

Flowers For Honesty

Although honesty is an important quality of a healthy lifestyle, the truth can hurt. It can be painful to tell someone a true but controversial topic, and it can hurt to hear the news too.

When truth becomes a burden, add Blue Alliums and White Heliotropes to your place of safety.

Flowers For Honor 

On days where you feel honored by your accomplishments, your life, the choices you have made, or others have made for you, you should add these flowers to your home. Alstroemeria, Mayflower, and Purple Morning Glory make a beautiful arrangement, and together their symbolism can manifest.

Flowers For Hope

When searching for hope during a trying time, you may need to add a spiritual focus. When you are lost or worried, your mind can wander. But adding the flowers below to your meditation can help you concentrate on manifesting the hope you need to power through the struggle.

Use Amaryllis, Azalea, Yellow Clover, Crocus, Daffodil, Orange Orchids, or Poppy in your mediations.

Flowers For Humor

Bringing joy and laughter into your life can be tricky. If you have just been through a tough patch, and are ready to welcome humor back into your home, then add Alstroemerias or Buttercups to your decorations.

Flowers For Ignorance

As the saying goes – ignorance is bliss. You may wish your child to be unaware of the issues the adults are facing. To help them stay blissful in their ignorance, place  Aconite and Cosmos around their bed.

Flowers for Love

Love comes in many forms. There is unrequited love, teenage love, crossed lovers, giddy love, and surprise love. The list goes on as our human experiences show so many ways to connect with each other.

Below is a list of flowers that symbolize love, but they also have their own take on the emotion. To see which flower best represents your love, click on the links and open up the detailed symbolism explained in the articles. 

Flowers which symbolize love are: Red Acacia, Red Allium, Pink Allium, Alstroemeria, Pink Alyssum, Red Amaryllis, Azalea, Bellflower, Red Clover, White Clover, Columbine, Cornflower, Red Buttercup, Camellia, Carnation, Cosmos, Cyclamen, Daffodil, Daisy, Blue Heliotrope, Red Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Freesia, Lily, Lilac, Purple Heather, Hydrangea, Morning Glory, Pansy, and Peony.

Flowers For Mourning

There are many ways to mourn. You could be grieving over a lost one, mourning a failed opportunity, or nostalgic of the person you once were.

Just as each flower represents a different side to love, they can also symbolize different sides to mourning too. The flowers below can help you handle the loss in different ways: Acacia, White Amaryllis, Calendula, Camellia, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Purple Cyclamen, Black Dahlia, Lotus, and Poppy.

Flowers For Peace

Reaching peace is something many of us strive for. It can be a long journey of ups and downs, but placing these flowers along your path can help you stay centered on your journey.

Add these flowers to your meditation, or place them in vases around your home: Blue Allium, Blue Aconite, Alyssum, Bellflower, Blue Columbine, Blue Cornflower, Cosmos, Jasmine, Lily, Sunflower, Petunia, and Poppy.

Flowers For Pride

There is always room for pride. If you are proud of your accomplishments, shout it to the rooftops. If you are proud of your children, shower them with your affection. And if you are proud of your life, let that warmth fill you with joy.

To help you stay proud during times of hardship, add Amaryllis, Freesia, or Mayflower to your home.

Flowers For Purity

Purity is often a concept used for ceremonies. Baptisms, church visits, weddings, and such are all places where pure minds and our purest self can shine.

Normally a white flower of any sort could symbolize purity, but the collection below have stronger purity energies – Acacia, Alstroemeria, White Alyssum, White Amaryllis, White Azalea, White Columbine, White Camellia, White Carnation, White Cosmos, Cyclamen, White Daffodil, White Dahlia, Daisy, White Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Lily, White Heather, White Hydrangea, Mayflower, Sunflower, Pansy, and Light Blue Periwinkle.

Flowers For Respect

If you feel as though you lack respect in your life, then you may need to bring in the energy yourself. Manifesting respect can be difficult, but using flowers such as Purple Alliums, Red Alliums, Purple Aconites, Alstroemerias, and Pansies can make all the difference.

Flowers For Strength

Pulling strength from your inner self can be difficult, especially if you sense self-doubt creeping into your mind. To push away any sense of weakness, add these flowers to your home: Aconite, Alstroemeria, Amaryllis, Purple Cornflower, Carnation, Daffodil, Dahlia, Foxglove, Heliotrope, Lily, Heather, and Red Morning Glory.

Flowers For Success

Manifesting success and concentrating on the power of your own energy can be the last push you need to reach your goal. Add these flowers to your rituals to enhance your meditations – Amaryllis, Bellflower, Columbine, Daffodil, Narcissus, and Poppy.

Flowers For Youth

Reconnecting to your youth can help you find joy in everyday things. You can leave the stress of adult life behind and allow yourself to be silly and carefree.

To help you reach this blissful moment, meditate with Lavender Allium, Buttercup, Chrysanthemum, Cosmos, Daisy, Delphinium, Pink Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Freesia, White Orchids, Pansy or Petunia.

Flowers For Warning

If you feel yourself being called to any of these flowers below, then your spiritual self may be warning you about an upcoming issue. Although these flowers have multiple meanings, being called by them could be a bad omen.

Flowers of warning are Aconite, Alyssum, Cyclamen, Dahlia, Foxglove, Hellebore, Red Heather, Hydrangea, and Poppy.

Flowers For Wealth

To manifest wealth in your life, you should meditate with Cornflower, Chrysanthemum, Purple Morning Glory, Peony, Petunia, or Poppy. Focus on the wealth you wish to see, whether that is financial or otherwise. Then concentrate on that bounty landing in your life.

Flowers For Wisdom

You may find yourself wishing for wisdom or guidance, lost on your path. When these days come, bring Clematis and Calendula into your life. They will guide you to wise choices and lead you to new understandings. 

Number Symbolism

You may find yourself noticing specific numbers in your life. Angel numbers are unique, conveying meaning and awareness, which others lack.

The most commonly known angel number is 3. It indicates wisdom, understanding, and harmony. Seeing this number throughout your day signifies that you are on the right path.

Normally Angel numbers are repeated like 11, 111, and 1111. When you see the numbers repeated often, it means the spiritual connection is desperately trying to inform you of something. However it’s important not to confuse your numbers.

Seeing 11:00 on your clock and then receiving a bill for $11.00 is a sign that the number 11 is calling you. But seeing the clock strike 11:11 doesn’t count as part of the pattern. 1111 is its own angel number.

The angel number 666 often gets a bad rap due to its Christian connection to Satan. But in reality, 666 often suggests a new start in life.

When you see a number repeated in your life, and you feel a connection to that number, search for the meaning, and you can discover what your spirit is trying to tell you.


Starting your spiritual journey means allowing the world to ground you. Opening your heart and mind to the energy around you and helping you tap into a connection you may never have reached before.

You can use these natural elements of life to manifest the desires you hope for. And you can use the information you find to understand what the earth is trying to tell you.

Start your journey slowly, and develop your learning bit by bit. Soon you will feel connected to your inner self and the world around you.