Mintaka Starseed: Origins And 10 Major Signs That You May Be One

mintaka starseed

Far away from the earth’s surface, there are many solar systems, planets, and galaxies inhabited or believed to have been inhabited by mystic beings and souls that have evolved over the years. These beings possess immense wisdom, knowledge, and numerous other unique abilities and skills. Starseeds is the other name for these special beings. Believing that … Read more

Are You An Energy Transmuter Lightworker? Read On To Find Its Secrets

energy transmuter lightworker

You may have come across the term “lightworker.” Their work often appears in magazines dealing with consciousness expansion and spirituality. Irrespective of how many references to them are made, you might not be sure of the term and how to identify a lightworker. This blog gives you all the information on lightworkers, particularly energy transmuter … Read more