Diane is a certified crystal and reiki healer offering intuitively chosen healing crystals and gemstones. She holds a degree in Holistic Wellness and Energy Medicine, specializing in Crystal Healing and Reiki and discovered the uplifting power of self-care practices and affirmations when she and her sister, Chandra, faced a difficult time. Diane, who was always cheerful and outgoing, lacked inspiration and motivation.

She embarked on a spiritual journey to reintroduce positivity into her life and rediscover her self-love. She learned how to revitalize her emotional well-being and empower herself with the help of crystals, reiki, and the law of attraction. She also developed a profound understanding of her own needs and the appropriate crystals for different emotional states.


Diane's commitment to these practices solidified her self-empowerment and personal rejuvenation expertise. She and her sister opened their store, The Fifth Element of Life, as a refreshing venture and a symbol of accountability. Diane now skillfully harnesses these tools for her personal growth and well-being and shares her knowledge and passion with others who seek holistic wellness and spiritual growth.