Are You An Energy Transmuter Lightworker? Read On To Find Its Secrets

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

You may have come across the term “lightworker.” Their work often appears in magazines dealing with consciousness expansion and spirituality. Irrespective of how many references to them are made, you might not be sure of the term and how to identify a lightworker. This blog gives you all the information on lightworkers, particularly energy transmuter lightworkers.

Who Is A Lightworker?

Michael Mirdad, an author and teacher, first coined the term lightworker back in the ’80s. Doreen Virtue, the authority on present-day numerology and angel numbers, also researched lightworkers. The easiest way to describe a lightworker is they are people who have an immense pull towards serving and assisting others. Different names like indigos, star seeds, crystal babies, and earth angels describe them. These people are spiritual by nature. They have volunteered to become beacons of positivity for the Earth.

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Different types of lightworkers grace us with their presence:

  • Healers and spiritual guides
  • Seers and psychics
  • Gatekeepers and grid workers
  • Manifesters
  • Messengers and guides
  • Energy transmuters
  • Travelers and dreamers
  • Ascension guides and adventurers

This Article deals with energy transmuter lightworkers, so let us jump right in!

Principle Of Energy Transmutation

Energy transmuter lightworkers work in a subtle manner. To understand them, we need to look at the principle of energy transmutation. We also need to understand the laws of thermodynamics. The laws of thermodynamics define fundamental physical quantities like energy, temperature, and entropy. They are characteristics of thermodynamic systems.

The first law of thermodynamics points out that it is possible to transmute energy. It states that the total amount of energy present in a closed system can neither be destroyed nor created. Over time, this remains constant. Yet, it is possible to convert this energy through transmutation from one form to another.

A fire is a good example. It is a process where chemical energy morphs into electromagnetic and thermal energy. This happens through a chemical reaction. This reaction merges the fuel molecules like wood with the oxygen present in the air. After the reaction, energy is released in the form of light and heat. They are nothing but other forms of energy.

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These energy types correspond to different frequencies which make up the Universe. Here, each frequency is associated with a specific vibration.

The Principle Of Vibration

The law of vibration says that all particles in this Universe are in flux. Each particle carries distinct energy and vibration.

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Take a book, for example. 

It may seem to be still, but in reality, there are trillions of subatomic particles inside, vibrating at distinct frequencies. The book carries its own vibrational frequencies, and this is true of the Universe as well. All its components carry distinct vibrations. Our planet Earth exists in 3 dimensions, and all things in this world possess their own explicit frequencies of vibration. This includes our thoughts.

Photo by Mike Lewinski on Unsplash

Particles with high energy are in sync with other high-energy forms. This is the same for low-energy particles. Our thoughts can also be either high or low vibrational. This enables them to tap into frequencies of joy, sadness, guilt, fear, love, and so on. You can also use The Hawkins scale of Enlightenment to measure these frequencies. The takeaway from this is that the higher the frequency of our thoughts, the happier we are. If your life goal is to be joyful, you should ponder on what to do to increase the frequency of your thought energy.

This brings us to the question of how to transmute this energy. How can we transform negative thought energy into positive thought energy? And how does this energy transmutation really work? This is the work of energy transmuter lightworkers. They transform energy from low frequencies into higher frequencies. Their sole mission on Earth is to assist mankind with evolution and make the world a happier place to live in.

Energy transmuter lightworkers have another ace up their sleeve. They are masters of the law of perpetual energy transmutation. So we need to know this law to fully understand how this kind of lightworker really works.

The Law Of Perpetual Transmutation Of Energy

This law says that everything we see around us is in a state of constant flux. Not all these are seen because a lot of them exist at the atomic and cellular levels. Yet, this flux exists. The perpetual transmutation of energy law says that all kinds of energy are in constant motion. They will eventually find a physical form. This implies that our present thoughts will have a physical manifestation in the future.

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It is very important to be aware of this law if you wish to become a more joyful human being. It helps you understand how to bring about positive change in yourself and the immediate environment. 

Always remember that your thoughts are nothing but energy waves that are moving forever. They are changing form and creating many different ideas in your mind. If you practice reflection often enough, these ideas will imprint themselves firmly in your conscious mind. As a result, your emotions will stir. This finds expression through your words and actions.

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The result of this will be in tune with your thoughts that had actually precipitated the action. As we have seen, energy keeps transforming into different forms. Thus, you need to view it as the raw material. Your mind is the factory for processing this energy/thought into other forms. Remember that good thought produces good actions. They elevate the quality of your life and turn you into a joyful human being.

The Energy Transmuter Lightworker And How He Works

The energy transmuter lightworker is a special breed. They use high vibration thoughts to bring about positive manifestations in their lives. Apart from that, they can also impact the lives of other people in a positive manner. They are specialists in using their high energies to boost low-frequency energies. Transmuters can neutralize past karma and also raise the vibration of our planet.

The energy transmuter lightworker can neutralize negativity and darkness. They jump into low vibration frequencies to release their light and high-frequency thoughts. In many cases, this kind of lightworker does this unconsciously. They are sometimes not aware that they carry positive and high frequencies within them. It is their way of existence.

Image by yabadene belkacem from Pixabay

The planet becomes a happier place because of the energy transmuter lightworker. The outward radiation of their high energies daily can help those around them who have low energy thought vibration. If you think about your family, you might find someone who fits this description.

Is There An Energy Transmuter Lightworker In Your Family?

While you may find some transmuters who work in a general and broader scope, others have a specific mission in their lives. For example, they can be born into a family which has an existing and lengthy history of negative karma. The family needs transmutation through ancestral lines. The downside of this is that an energy transmuter lightworker may be surrounded by throngs of negative people. 

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Sometimes this lightworker has chosen to take birth in an ancestral line having lots of negative karma. A lot of healing needs to happen in this case. This will help the whole ancestral line to achieve a higher level of existence. The karmic level will also rise as a result and help the family to flourish.

Photo by Harika G on Unsplash

As the Earth experiences a shift from 3D to 5D, you will find a lot of transmuter lightworkers around. Their work is essential because our planet is experiencing a lot of low vibration energies. Predominating emotions of hate, fear, anger, jealousy, greed, avarice and other forms of negativity surround us.

Transformation Of Lives To A Higher Level

The more transmuter lightworkers progress in their lives, the more will be the number of dark entities that associate with them. This happens because they need help and compassion. A transmuter can become tired and sick often. This is because transmutation from darkness to light requires phenomenal amounts of energy.

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By and by, as they gain empowerment in their art, they will become comfortable with transmuting energy daily. They will love others, forgive slights, and appreciate individual uniqueness. They will also be masters of the usage of high frequencies. When lightworkers become aware of their powers, they can also change timelines. They might also have the power to change other people’s concepts of reality.

Some Signs That You May Be An Energy Transmuter Lightworker

  • You feel that time is being wasted
  • Realization of life purpose
  • You feel like an alien to other people
  • An urge to save the world
  • You have experienced periods of darkness
  • Interest in philosophy and history
  • You are adept at the manifestation
  • Your deep calling lies in helping others
  • Belief in higher powers
  • You have empathy traits
  • Attracting people who have problems
  • You experience emotional ups and downs 
  • A deep shift in spirituality happens to you
  • You know your way around the darkness
  • Strange dreams


Now that you know all about the energy transmuter lightworker, you will be in a good position to identify them. Seek them out if you are experiencing negative emotions and need a helping hand. An energy transmuter lightworker will never abandon you. They are adept at using their high energies to tide you through a crisis and change how you view the world and yourself.

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