Guardian Angels

Last Updated on September 12, 2023

One of the reasons why guardian angels are faithful to you is that they choose you.

A sacred vow was made between heaven and your guardian angel, with Spirit itself as a witness, to stand by your side and help guide you through life. 

Even though a huge sense of duty is felt by guardian angels to their charges, this deviation is actually based on pure love.

Guardian Angels

When it comes to love, angels share a unique capacity, whereby they decide to pour their love into you and your life since they respect, and may even share an affinity with you and your soul.

With this in mind, this article will explore everything you need to know about guardian angels and seven important things that everyone should know. 

Let’s get straight into it! 

7 Things You Need To Know About Guardian Angels

1. They Respect Your Free Will 

Your angel is always ready and waiting to intervene for your Highest Good, although they only do so when you ask for help.

Even if you’re suffering, guardian angels can’t intervene until you ask for them. 

Hence, the angels are just waiting for you to invite them to your world. Without permission, the sacred law doesn’t allow them to intervene in your life.

They respect your free will. 

2. They Provide Unconditional Love

Guardian angels love their charges deeply. They want you to be protected, healthy, safe, and constantly surrounded by their immense love and presence. 

Their love is unconditional, therefore, they do not judge us. You can always rely on your guardian angel since there is nothing that makes them happier than seeing you succeed in life. 

3. They Don’t Have A Gender

According to bulldogcatholic, gender is completely biological, therefore, it doesn’t contribute to the spirit or personality of the angel.

On the other hand, femininity and masculinity can be seen to transcend biology. 

As such, some angels may contain more feminine or masculine personalities, however, this doesn’t make them female or male (since this is only reserved for biology). 

In the Bible, all angels appear to be masculine, this may be due to the fact that authoritative figures during this time and culture were males. 

The tasks that corresponds with angels (for instance, delivering messages and guarding) were only associates with and performs by males in those days. 

4. They Help You To Succeed In Life

At the perfect time, angels can help you contact the right people.

Guardian Angels (1)

Whether this is a new friend, a new partner, advice to invest your money, a great referral to help you get a new job, or even more customers for your business. 

In addition to this, they can also provide you with the resources to help fulfill your practical needs, for instance, education, financial support, the perfect place for your new home, supplies, and even wealth for your family. 

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, angels can provide you with the strength to help you overcome these feelings by staying calm when everything is messy around you. 

Likewise, during difficult times, the angels will aid you in making all the right decisions while ensuring you’re staying in position – allowing you to achieve higher self-respect and self-love.

Thus, those around you will recognize you for who you are, which is a person full of positive resources.

The first step to achieving this is by praying to your angel and allowing them to provide you with the resources to help you. 

5. They Inspire You To Be A Better Person

Angels are one of the most influential examples of the power of the mighty God. These are pure beings of Love and Light. They are the perfect example for everyone who wants to become a better person. 

The love of an angel is unconditional; they are always prepared to help and assist those in need.

They are selfless beings whose sole purpose is to help you become compassionate, and happy, and respect those around you without judgment. 

There is nothing more enlightening than a combination of these different qualities. 

6. They Are Telepaths

As guardian angels are supernatural beings, they don’t contain ‘physical’ bodies, instead, they use energy and a higher level to communicate. 

That said, when it comes to communicating with humans – who live on an earthly level – telepathy can’t always be used. 

As such, it can sometimes be difficult to translate what an angel is communicating. To show their presence, angels can use songs, physical objects, or even road signs to communicate. 

Sometimes a certain song playing on the radio, a flickering light, a road sign that catches our attention, or a movie has the ability to hold a particular warning sent for your guardian angel. 

7. They Love Your Appreciation

It is always important to show your appreciation to your guardian angel by thanking them for their resource, however, this isn’t for the angels since this is in their divine nature. 

Instead, you should thank your guardian angel because gratitude will always provide you with more blessings. 

This feeling of gratitude is a signal to the Universe to show that you’re open to receiving.

This compares to a powerful magnet that only brings complementary energies into your daily life. 

Therefore, this is one of the main reasons why you should always express gratitude to your guardian angel even though they may not require it. 

Final Thoughts

You can always rely on your guardian angel. These are divine supernatural beings that, with only a call away, will assist you in all your struggles – whether big or small. 

Inherently, guardian angels are selfless characters, that said, expressing your gratitude for their services will always come back to you in some sort of way, thanks to the law of cause and effect. 

Hopefully, this guide has informed you about everything you need to know about guardian angels.