Hadarian Starseed: You Are An Auspicious Gift To The Mankind

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Our mother earth is renewing itself. There is a huge transition happening in every sphere of life. Soon, we are going to live in a transformed world. The constellations and planets have opened their gates.

They are sending many good old souls to incarnate on earth and help humanity. Like other starseeds, the Hadarians have also come to live with us to guide us. They are a group of humanoids who are taking rebirth on earth to be with us as our own. 

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Origin Of Hadarian Starseed

The Hadarian Starseeds are from the planet Hadar. It is their original place, which they have already lost. The Beta Centauri triple star system is their “homeworld.” Its distance from our own earth is 391 light-years. The Centaur constellation holds seven to seventeen planets with a diverse population. Reptilians, Humanoids, Amphibians, and Insectoids live on these planets. An alien race of invaders captured planet Hadar. The Hadarians escaped slavery through mass relocation to other civilizations in the galaxy.

The civilization on the planet Hadar stood on the foundation of unconditional love. The humanoids were pure and selfless spirits. They lived in perfect harmony and peace with each other. Their peace-loving nature also made them docile and meek. The alien race saw it as an advantage to enslave the Hadarians. Since the Hadarians lost their home, many of them have been incarnating on earth from time to time. They have found our mother earth as a second home, a place that resembles the Hadar in many ways.

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What Is Special About Hadarian Starseed?

A. Feeling Of Otherness: 

Have you ever wondered whether you belong here? You may have felt sometimes that you belong somewhere in Outer space and long for it. Longs to love and only love people before anything. You may be already loving people without expecting any return. Check this out, for you may be a Hadarian, too.

B. Beautiful Loving Souls: 

You are a rare Starseed if you are a Hadarian. The Hadarian Starseeds have a pure and beautiful soul. They are loving and compassionate. They are capable of expressing their love to the extreme end. Through their unconditional love for humanity, they help the earth in its ascension.

C. Value Human Relationship: 

As a Hadarian Starseed, you value human relationships the most. You love to engage with people and relate with them rather than spend time on gadgets. Technology does not hold a big space in your life. Your love and kindness for others are like an ocean in its depth and vastness. 

D. Love Is Spiritual: 

In a Hadarian Starseed, two powerful natural forces show up together. One is the selfless and spiritual love of a Hadarian, and the other is the affectionate human being in love. These two strong forces of love become the foundation of your personality if you are a Hadarian. Because of this, your love is without expectations and, often, more self-sacrifice. You love people for what they are, and it is a conscious giving without condition.

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Photo by Suraphat Nuea-on from Pexels

How Do The Hadarian Starseed Look?

You may be wondering whether the Hadarian starseeds look different from others around. Hadarians are of humanoid origin, and they are humans by all accounts. They live in all corners of the earth and have adjusted to the local environments. They have evolved in their appearances, specific to where they live.

Hadarians usually have bluish skin, a cat-like nose, and little pointed ears like the aliens. They would be a little shorter than others with a little larger eyes than normal. In other planetary systems, they would adopt the local looks and appearances. On earth, they look similar to other ethnic and racial groups.

What Is The Mission Of The Hadarian Starseed On Earth?

If you believe that you are a Hadarian Starseed, you will have some inner urges that you can’t resist. One of the strongest urges would be your deep desire to love others as yourself. This is in line with your life’s mission as a Hadarian. As a Hadarian Starseed, you have vibrant energy of love, and it is dynamic. You want to go out and approach others, love them and take their care.

Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

People on earth are in need of love and care. Often, we get conditional and reciprocal love from our human relationships. The Hadarians do not put any condition or restriction in the way of love. They express it without inhibition. This type of selfless love becomes an example for others to learn and follow.

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Hadarians Are Born To Heal And Energize Humanity

When your love vibrates for human beings, it increases the vibration of the mother earth. Love spreads itself by touching and encompassing the lives around. When love radiates with its energies, it increases the earth’s frequency and consciousness.

The frequency of mother earth is that of pain, fear, and helplessness. It struggles for harmony, order, and survival. The spiritual orientations of the Hadarians make them benevolent, kind, and helpful. They are there to help the human race to get harmony, order, and strength.

Photo by Matthias Zomer from Pexels

Most often, Hadarian Starseeds come to the rescue of people in suffering and share their pain. They carry the burden of the weak to the extent of becoming overburdened. Usually, they have a soul mate to walk alongside and share the pains and burdens. The Hadarian Starseeds serve and lead individuals as well as groups in their journey.

Hadarian Starseed Are Born With Many Positive Traits

You can identify Hadarian Starseeds by observing their basic traits. Let us check them out.

  • They love and love, and it is endless. Their love changes lives and changes the history of mankind.
  • great healers, teachers, peacemakers, preachers, guides, and visionaries.
  • the epitome of compassion, forgiveness, and kindness to people around them.
  • are confident, adventurous, vigilant, and risk-taking, and they set examples for others.
  • They are spontaneous, energetic, artistic, and creative. They draw people with their innovations and path-breaking actions. 

The Power Of Hadarian Love

Unconditional love is a divine gift. It is a powerful element that energies the universe. The Hadarians are legendary for their power of love. They are capable of changing people and societies. They need positive surroundings to share and spread their love.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

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Life becomes difficult for them if there is a negative environment around them. The Hadarian Starseeds feel suffocated if the negativity is overwhelming and restricts love. The Hadarians put up huge efforts to ensure their own safety and security to work in freedom.

Hadarians Know To Heal And Ground Themselves

Hadarians often go back to nature and the animal world when they feel knocked off and exhausted. They reconnect themselves with natural elements to get back their vibration. They draw free energy, love, and power from these associations and feel grounded. Once they uplift themselves with new energy and vigor, they get back to loving and caring for others.

Hadarians Bring A Basketful Of Gifts For The World

When Hadarian Starseeds come into the world, they bring with them a bunch of special gifts for us.

  • They bring the best out of people who relate to and work with them. This ability is natural to them, and they also give the best out of themselves.
  • Hadarians understand human imperfections and know that “to err is human.” Forgiveness is a hallmark of their interpersonal relationship. 
  • Hadarians are often artists, musicians, poets, and healers. Their soothing music, aesthetic arts, and healing touch enliven the lives around them. They bring love, beauty, peace, and harmony to people’s lives.
  • Their greatest gift is pure love ascending to an art form. They love people, life, beings, and the earth for the sake of love alone. It is the ultimate value of life for them. With love, they heal the earth, nature, and human society. 

Hadarian Starseed Understand Human Relationships Better

Giving unconditional love to others is the natural instinct of Hadarians. Their unconditional love for humans and animals opens up people’s hearts and minds. They get inspired to give back to others with love and kindness. This is how the human bond extends to more persons and transcends boundaries.

Love Is An Art Of Selfless Giving For A Hadarian

Not expecting anything in return for our love is an art. In friendship and relationships, we often become demanding. Reward seeking makes our love selfish. The Hadarians’ style of pure love does not demand anything, but he who receives it gets energy. He reciprocates and shares it with others out of his own will and spontaneity.   

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Challenges Of A Hadarian Starseed

Hadarians’ life on mother earth is never a cakewalk. It is always challenging with difficulty at every step in life. The type of life mission they carry with them is a noble but challenging task. Their love flows for every person they come across without making an assessment. It often puts the Hadarians in a tight spot. The receiver of love and care does not reciprocate on some occasions.

There are also times when the Hadarian Starseed gets attracted to abusive personalities. When the relationship becomes one-sided, exploitative, or toxic, it becomes challenging to handle. Therefore, if you are a Hadarian, you need to be careful about how much love you give to others. You need to have a boundary for your love for the other person. See that it is reciprocal and brings positive changes in the receiving person.

Understand the other person’s capacity to give back when you are in a relationship. He may already be dealing with relationship- complications in his life. Be realistic and curb your tendency to pour out your love and overwhelm the receiver. You would do well to spread it across many recipients. That will be more helpful for society.


Hadarians have a spiritual mission to fulfill. Their planet Hadar gave them the art and spirit of unconditional love. Here on earth, our relationships are conditional and may not be reciprocal. Duality, separations, and rejections are part and parcel of our lives here. As a Hadarian Starseed, you need to be conscious of these facts of life.

Give us much to this planet as you must, but take your time to understand the people with you. Give them time and space to learn from you and give back to others in love. That way, you will help humans to evolve into better beings.

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