What Are Light Codes? Expressing And Activating Light Codes

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Every being on this planet possesses a source of power and a message encoded in light codes. It’s possible to think of it as a portal to understanding your inner self, abilities, and peace. However, not everyone understands how to access these light codes, leverage them, and obtain a better grasp of the cosmos as we know it. 

You may see it in your dreams frequently. But most often, when you are meditating. Also, when you are looking into someone’s eyes, sharing your blessings with someone, or resting with your eyes closed. This is while generating positive energy and resulting serenity inside your brain. At that moment, you are sort of subconsciously connected with a higher being through your surroundings and the universe. This begin to appear in your imagination during this time. 

To know more about it and how to receive and transmit them to your benefit, we have brought you a detailed guide on light codes.

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Understanding Light Language

There are so many different languages spoken by people on this earth. Someone who only speaks their native tongue will not be able to communicate with someone who speaks a different language, regardless of where they are from. Supreme Source, master of the universe and harbinger of messages and abilities through light codes, is aware of this phenomenon. 

Hence, light Language exists. It is a form of communication understood by all human beings. 

That doesn’t mean light Language is a specific jargon that humans can speak. In fact, light languages are only understood by the person it is for. 

Binaural beatings, bodily motions, dances, mudras, audible singing, throat singing (Mongolian singing), art and paintings, or symbols like archaic hieroglyphics and holy geometry. These are instances of what we call the light Language grouped together. They are similar because every form of light Language we have come across tries to tell a story that goes beyond the intellectual Language

Instead of binding itself with the rational intellect, Light Language connects with the soul. It disperses energy to send messages to the heart and spirit for further logical interpretation rather than what our programmed intellect has known to witness and practice in all these years on earth. 

The transmission of light Language occurs when it passes through a river of higher consciousness. This is, of course, before being decoded by the being who serves as the receiver or the sponge soaking up the light codes. 

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Particular words, sounds, or emblems and signs may cause activation of the DNA, after which you’ll be able to understand light Language because it resonates with the receiver.

People generally discern a deeper understanding of self and the universe when this happens. It also piques their desire to learn more, making it a life-changing experience altogether. 

Many people believe they channel light Language from higher-dimensional creatures, such as the Supreme Source. Not all believes it because others feel it emanates from their higher self. Some of us believe both sources to be acting together in harmony in creating and transmitting the light Language to us. 

What Is Light Code?

Formed by your personal frequency transmissions, often known as your thoughts, energy, attitude, or vibe. Some people see them as cosmic fingerprints, energy patterns, or the imprints we leave on the universe that are unique to us. Taking it away will not happen. In the act of gazing into the eyes of another person, praying or blessing another person, or giving anything to another person, you are sending out a light code. 

Higher dimensional powers have given you your light codes at birth. The specific set of it that you inherit can’t be take hold of. Lightworkers strive to understand the codes of every living thing. As well as the methods of transmission throughout their lives.

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Encoded in our DNA’s are the light codes, according to experts and numerologists. They are the foundation of the psyche and traditional healing wisdom, which is so far beyond our comprehension that simple words cannot explain it. You can only attempt to gain a better understanding of your light codes so that they may well assist you in your future journey and give you proper wisdom about yourself and the universe. 

The Light Language that we discussed earlier is one of the many ways to understand light codes. The Supreme Source that tries to guide us through these coded messages and signals as words aren’t enough to disclose the grandness of its power and energy. 

How Might Light Codes Change Your Life When You Receive Them?

With each passing day, your transformation into a concise being becomes stronger. From an early age, some people may get and see their light codes. The rest of us, on the other hand, need more time. When you are in a state of heightened awareness, you will be able to see your light codes. Like when you’re meditating or going to sleep, for example.

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As you receive your light code, you enter a period of self-discovery. You now possess the ability to access the greatest level of consciousness. Your soul and spirit no longer contain dormant light codes. Increased health, well-being, prosperity, healing, tranquillity, and passion will be available to you. This will be like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

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Designed to bring forth happiness and prosperity in your life against evil powers, are the light codes that comes to you. The negative energy that attempts to separate and fragment us keep us isolated and full of fear, lost in battle against light codes. With darkness and the powers of satanic forces spreading around the world faster than ever, it is our obligation as lightworkers to understand how to purify and transmute this energy of light codes so that we can use it for the greater good.

How Can You Use Light Codes To Ignite Your Soul’s Cosmic Landscape?

When you feel that something has shifted in your life, when things aren’t going according to plan, it is time for you to turn to light codes for help. Your cosmic energy is like a garden that needs its water, sunlight, and proper care. Otherwise, it won’t align with the positive forces of the universe and bring your success.

Keep in mind that despite the fact every living being has a light code, not everyone is able to remember or access theirs. The life given to you is for exploration, engagements, and changing the course of the earth for the better somehow. This is how you can use your light codes to ignite your soul and spirit’s cosmic energy landscape.

Getting to Know Yourself Inside and Out

Perhaps you ask yourself, ‘what else can I learn about myself?’ Your first instinct may be to think along the lines of self-love, appreciation, discipline, and determination. But neither of them is possible without finding inner peace. 

As you begin to search for light codes within yourself, it is imperative that you keep a centred consciousness. A receptive state of mind is ideal if you wish to receive light codes. Meditation, moments of relaxation, and silence with your eyes closed on a daily basis will help you achieve this state. 

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Practising Meditation Daily

Meditation is medicine for the body, mind, and spirit. And by practicing daily, you raise your contentment and awareness level as well as improve your health and mental stability. Light codes will only begin to rise before your imagination and thoughts when there is an absence of negative thoughts, anxiety, and stress. Only then can you visualiZe the light codes travelling through your conciseness. 

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Self-Detachment from Negative Thoughts and Energy

Pause and push away beliefs, thoughts, and assumptions that impels you to limit yourself and your actions. They are the main cause behind your self-doubt and misery in life. Such negative energy brings down your mood and creates a tense atmosphere in your mind where light codes can’t enter. You are more likely to receive light codes if you have lighter and positive energy.

Cultivate Relationships of Mutual Respect and Love 

In all of your relationships, whether casual or close to you, attempt to cultivate love and gratitude with the other person. Start by being grateful for everything you have, including your loved ones. Tuning into lighter energy, makes it easier for your brain to receive light codes.

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Link Between Light Codes And New Dawn Of The Earth

With technological advancement, artificial technology, the advent of 5G, metaverse, and web 3.0, all of this has put our imagination and thinking process to dormant nature. But light codes are the key to our freedom. As the new dawn of the earth with technology riding on its shoulder approaches us, you will be able to see problems sprouting up in your life.

But light codes will enable you to tackle, see them from a different perspective compared to before and evolve from the same. Light codes and the new dawn of the earth are connected solely by what you choose to do and how you plan to take your life forward. 

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