Mintaka Starseed: Origins And 10 Major Signs That You May Be One

Last Updated on March 24, 2023

Far away from the earth’s surface, there are many solar systems, planets, and galaxies inhabited or believed to have been inhabited by mystic beings and souls that have evolved over the years. These beings possess immense wisdom, knowledge, and numerous other unique abilities and skills. Starseeds is the other name for these special beings. Believing that the earth is their relocation thousands of years ago and experiencing incarnation over the years.

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Irrespective of where they came from originally, believingly starseeds possess unique characteristics and immense knowledge that activates spontaneously through some extraordinary codes. Having undergone several phases of extensive incarnation, they are believed to have migrated or been forced into the earth. To accomplish specific deeds or missions such as healing, enhancing creativity, innovation, broadening understanding, and making lives better for earth beings. 

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Some argue that the starseeds might have chosen to come to earth voluntarily to improve on its vibration. It is to propel humankind, the earth goddesses, and the entire universe into believing that it is a golden age with characteristics of peace, creativity, love, and godly healing. In fact, the argument is that the golden era is coming in 2032. 

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The starseeds and their characteristics and abilities are therefore believed to be behind many healers, innovators, wise elders, and counsellors. These souls do not act on their own. The drums of their creators are constantly guiding them, sticking to their specific missions on Earth. There are about 78 million starseeds currently on earth accomplishing different missions. Mintaka starseed falls into one of the 19 distinct categories.

What Are Mintakan Starseeds, And What Is Their Origin? 

Mintaka starseeds are amongst the oldest and rarest of all starseed types. Believing that their origin is from Mintaka, a star that is in the Orion constellation. Their planets name is Artuvia and is full of water and only comparable to paradise. They would mostly live underwater but occasionally swim to the surface for air. Unlike earth water, which is murky and unclear, the water in the Artuvia planet was clear that you could see through it to the bottom with all the sea creatures and marine habitats. Recognizing them for their close connection with nature, compassion, and wisdom, characteristics people with the same personality share.

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It is unfortunate that with time, the heavenly environment of planet Artuvia was destroyed, making it uninhabitable for the Mintakans. Seeking permanent residence on earth compellingly as a result. However, the environment on earth was nothing close to what they had on planet Arturia. They, therefore, feel constantly homesick as they yearn for their irreplaceable paradise. Recounting that the incarnation of the mistaken souls has been ongoing for about 70,000 to 75,000 years.

What Is The Mission And Purpose Of Mintaka Starseed?

The overall mission and purpose of Mintaka starseeds are to enhance knowledge of humanity and help create peace and harmony. Due to their love for the water, they are usually common in island nations, and are prone to join in activities that involve nature and environmental sustainability, holistic medicines, peace campaigns, and simplicity. To achieve these missions, they lead and guide people into discovering inner selves and attaining inner peace. 

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They help humans discover their hidden abilities, driven by the urge to unlock the human mind through intuition and psychics. Their closeness to earth’s nature helps them understand their bodies better and, therefore, good healers using natural remedies. They can consider their missions realised after they have influenced others to lead better, happier, and more peaceful lives. They do it by pursuing goals in life without the boundaries of other external factors, especially in the past.

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The Mintakans’ missions offer humans valuable concepts that can help improve the overall quality of life. Having a positive outlook on life and embracing simple living can help improve happiness. The reason people are ever fighting is because of the desire to want more than is readily available. There is a need for unconditional love, close attachment to nature, and harmonious living. Unfortunately, most people do not value these concepts, and as a result, exploitations and taken advantage of Mintakans happen.

What Is The Appearance Of Mintaka Starseeds?

Mintaka starseeds are beautiful. Believing that they resemble our depiction of mermaids, with a tail, gills, and webbed arms. Believing also that they have arms and long torsos to aid in swimming. The colour of their skin may vary from light green to deep brown.

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The modern day understanding of mermaids and marine life are bizarre. But that is the closest resemblance of Mintaka starseeds that there is. That said, identifying the starseeds are not entirely base on looks. Instead, identifying them is through their character traits portraying through their past experiences, vibrational frequencies, and energy blueprints.

What Are The Main Traits Of A Mintaka Starseed?

Mintaka is an amazing starseeds. In fact, it is the desire that the world’s population would be a better place if we had more people with just a fraction of their traits. There are about 78 million Mintaka starseeds in the world, which is approximately 1% of the world’s population. Here are some of the common traits. 

Have A Positive Mental Attitude: 

The world might have many people with bad characteristics. However, a Mintaka will look at the good in people. They believe that there is always a jewel in every person. Sometimes, this can be overwhelming to the extent that they sacrifice their own comfort to put a smile on every person. They are optimistic and always pursue happiness for all. 

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Constantly Homesick: 

Imagine leaving a paradise-like Urtuvia only to find yourself adjusting to life on planet earth. The contrast is incomparable. Mintakans constantly feel homesick. It gets worse because their planet is no more. They cannot enjoy the friendly, clear waters they used to call home.Instead, forcingly, they are to deal with the murky waters on earth. Even though memories of how their planet used to look might have faded over the years, the longing to return home is always there. 

Drawn To Water: 

Home is where the heart is. To Mintakans, they consider water, surrounded by lively marine life, their home. Because they find the ocean waters irresistible, finding them on islands is possible.

Have Strong Family Values: 

How can you achieve happiness and serenity if only a section of the population feels accomplished? There is love, peace, and harmony in groups. Mintakans enjoy the company of friends and family, where everyone feels loved and appreciated. 

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Can Easily Be Misused: 

In their effort to accomplish their mission on earth, they sacrifice a lot. However, some people take advantage of them, exploiting and misusing them. It can be because they care so much about other people selflessly. 

They Are Wise: 

Throughout their incarnation, the mission of Mintakans is to become better in everything. By learning new skills, they can realise their missions while at the same time teaching others and helping in changing perceptions. With their immense knowledge, they are considered the best teachers and counsellors because they are informed. 

They Are Empathetic And Loving: 

Not everyone can feel the pain of others. Known to be empathetic and can understand and feel the pain of other people are the starseed of mintaka. In fact, they can relate to other people’s emotions as if they were their own. That is why they are always available to offer a helping hand to those in need of help

Excellent Leaders:

To become a leader, you must first understand the people you are leading and where you want to lead them. Mintakans have a positive outlook on life, are optimistic, and can see potential in everyone. As a result, they turn out to be good leaders because they are easily relatable. 

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Old Souls: 

Mintaka are amongst the oldest starseeds. Most of the time, they try to stick to how things are. Things like technology do not fascinate them, but they can relate to why the current generation is excited about modern-day technological devices. This is normal considering they have undergone reincarnation uncountable times. 

They Have Good Intuition: 

How deeply one cares about life helps them discover and unleash their inner power. Mintakans are considerate and always listen to their hearts. Their intuition helps them choose between right and wrong decisions because it comes from deeper within themselves. 

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Other traits that Mintakans might have might include their love for nature and adventure, being loving and caring, they take up leadership roles, being wise, and setting up clear goals. 


People who possess some of the traits of the Mintaka starseed may be rare, but they are some of the most profound individuals to ever come across. Even though they are constantly homesick, desiring their paradise, they never stop trying to make the world a better place for all. They are loving and caring, are good learners and teachers. They are compassionate and empathetic. These are some of the traits that make them unique from the rest of us. Are you a Mintakan starseed?