Unblock Chakras With 35 Easy Techniques (Guide for Each Chakra)

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

When your seven chakras are closed, you’ll feel many issues in the body, mind, and soul. Moreover, blocked chakra points can even lead to systemic diseases. So how to unblock your chakras? 

To unblock chakras, you need to flush out toxins jamming your primary chakras using the energy flow within. Your mind brightens, your body heals, and your soul finds its destiny when you do so. It’s not a difficult task if you know how to do yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, Reiki, or water charging. 

But, don’t worry if you’re new to all these. 

I’ll take you through the steps to open your energy centers of the physical body and mind for every chakra in detail. Read more about energy rituals of the crystal grid, healing frequencies, food, meditation, and aromatherapy to heal your mind, body, and soul away from negativity.

Let’s look at various techniques to unblock chakras.

unblock chakras

Basics: How Do I Unlock My Chakras?

Chakras or cakras are described as the wheels of energy. They come from the Indian language of Sanskrit, rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism. But, they aren’t unique to the Himalayan religions. 

That’s why there are many techniques to open your blocked chakras nowadays. With the help of psychics and experts, you can actually unblock your chakras and control the energy flow in minutes. 

There are seven primary chakras in the human body, while dogs have nine and cats eight. 

In fact, even crystals and singing bowls have chakras. 

Moreover, there are specific yoga postures, meditation techniques, crystals, frequencies, and much more to unblock every chakra!

Are you ready to say goodbye to chakra blockages affecting your digestive system, mental health, sexuality, health, and nervous system? Read on.

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Ways To Unblock Root Chakra

The meaning of root chakra is grounding or stability.

You glow with a bright red aura when your root chakra is open. But when it’s blocked, you’ll suffer from physical symptoms like pain in your feet, fatigue, anxiety, laziness, and agony.  

Out of all the chakras, the root chakra is the first. Hence, knowing ways to unblock it can go a long way!

Sanskrit NameMuladhara
LocationThe base of the spine
Seed MantraLAM
AffirmationI am grounded.
Affected Body PartsLegs, Spine, Intestines, Hands, Blood Circulation, Stomach, Reproductive System, Adrenal Glands, Immune System, and Kidneys.
Yoga PosesWarrior Pose, Frog Pose, Resting Pose, Mountain Pose, and Garland Pose.
unblock chakras
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Crystal Grid

You can arrange crystals on a printed symbol of the root chakra to open the energy system. To do so, use healing stones like ruby, garnet, hematite, red jasper, and black tourmaline. 

You can open the blocked chakra when they’re set on a grid with divine symmetry like the first chakra symbol. Once you’re done arranging, take a wand and set your intention.

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Tibetan Bowls

Another technique for a blocked root chakra is playing a singing bowl in the frequency that opens it. For the base energy center, this is 432 Hz. 

Check out this acoustic healing video of the root energy singing bowl here.


You can also consume red chakra foods to flush out the physical blockages associated with the root energy. So, start including red-colored foods like tomato, watermelon, cherries, beetroot, red meat, apple, and chili in your diet!

unblock chakras
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An excellent way to remove blockages around your mind for the root chakra is meditation, which works specifically for Muladhara. You can do so by meditating with the mountain pose in the open air so that you’re connected to Mother Earth!


Herbs and scents have a sacred relationship with chakras. Simply smelling root chakra herbs like ginger, garlic, or dandelion root can help open several blocked chakras. 

It is better to combine it with other energy rituals above to amplify cleansing vibrations and open the first energy wheel.

Techniques To Unblock Sacral Chakra

The second energy center governs your spiritual and physical body at once. This is one particular chakra among the seven chakras that control the life force energy. 

Warning physical symptoms like low self-esteem, sexual dysfunction, digestive system issues, addictions, and reproductive issue are common when it’s blocked.

Sanskrit NameSvadhisthana
LocationPelvic area
Seed MantraVAM
AffirmationI am passionate.
Affected Body PartsLower Back, Sex Organs, Adrenal Glands, Kidney, Bladder, Abdomen, Bowels, and Intestine.
Yoga PosesEagle Pose, Goddess Pose, Reverse Warrior Pose, and Hero Pose.
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You can make a crystal grid using sacral chakra healing crystals to unblock sacral energy centers. 

As it’s the resting place of your kundalini energy or life force, chanting mantras after setting the grid will open it. However, make sure to create a grid from the sacral chakra symbol with crystals like amber, citrine, carnelian, peach moonstone, coral, and tiger eye.

Tibetan Bowls

The energy fields that unblock the second energy center can be flushed out with positive energies of sound healing. As sacral chakra vibrates at the magic frequency of 480 Hz, you can play singing bowls at this range for unblocking.

unblock chakras
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Apart from psychic techniques, consuming orange foods offers an easier way to activate the sacral chakra. Eat peaches, oranges, carrots, apricots, and mangos, to accelerate your kundalini.


Sacral chakra deals with the passion within you. So if you have this blocked chakra, guided meditation can help you out. 

Breathwork techniques involving deep breaths and yoga practice using poses like the Eagle Pose can get you into rhythm with the life force. Visualize the water element or orange aura when you do so for focus!


Essential oils that awaken the sacral chakra energies are also a great way to unblock whatever is blocking it. Scents like sweet orange, patchouli, cardamom, rose, sandalwood, and clary sage work well. 

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Ways To Unblock Solar Plexus Chakra

Another chakra that exclusively deals with your physical body and its pink of health is the solar plexus chakra.

It can help you get better in everyday life by healing digestive issues or making you feel courageous, peaceful, and lucky. It glows with a yellow aura when unblocked and denotes personal power. 

Sanskrit NameManipura
LocationNavel area
Seed MantraRAM
AffirmationI am healthy.
Affected Body PartsStomach, Intestines, Liver, Adrenal Glands, Pancreas, Spleen, Gall Bladder, and Kidneys.
Yoga PosesBow pose, Cobra pose, Boat pose, Revolving Triangle pose, and Reverse Plank Pose.


Healing vibrations of gemstones governed by solar plexus chakra are unique because they’re great for accelerating the work of medicines and alleviating digestive issues. Moreover, I’ve seen it used by a reiki practitioner and a psychic. 

Use solar plexus chakra crystals like citrine, honey calcite, sunstone, amber, pyrite, or opal for attracting luck, health, and abundance.

unblock chakras
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Tibetan Bowls

You can also open the blocked solar plexus using specific frequencies too. The energy fields If you find a singing bowl that vibrates at 528 Hz, it will prove great for opening the Manipura chakra. If you don’t find such a bowl, go for one tuned to Note E. 


The easiest way to tap into the solar plexus is by eating yellow foods, as this specific chakra corresponds to the yellow color. Go for vegetables and fruits like pineapples, potatoes, corn, bananas, and pumpkin to awaken the third energy center. 


Looking for ways to open the blocked chakra of Manipura? Meditation and yoga practice can help you flush out the blockages and fill you with healing. 

I suggest you visualize the element of fire and the associated seed mantra to awaken the ruling Gods- Sun, Rudra, or Lakini.


A blocked solar plexus chakra can affect other chakras. Hence, try to soak into the sacred herbs associated with the Manipura like lemongrass, ylang-ylang, lavender, myrrh, or sandalwood. 

Techniques To Unblock Heart Chakra

We interact with so many things, people, and spaces in our life. But heart chakra opens the way to connect with them in your everyday life. 

When your fourth chakra center is blocked, you’ll feel emotional instability, stress, or obsession. Suppose the aura colors of heart energy (green and pink) are weak. In that case, it might be a sign of disorders that affect your immunity, nervous system, and bones. 

Sanskrit NameAnahata
LocationCenter of the chest
Seed MantraYAM
AffirmationI am loved by my friends, family, and the universe.
Affected Body PartsLungs, Thymus Gland, Blood, Shoulders, Ribs, Spine, and Heart.
Yoga PosesDancer’s Pose, Pigeon pose, Sphinx pose, and Cobra pose.


Firstly, collect heart chakra healing stones like rose quartz, green aventurine, rhodonite, peridot, emerald, jade, and prehnite. 

Next, set them up on a grid with the 12 petalled-lotus-symbol of the Anahata to open the blocked chakra. Don’t forget to use a rose quartz wand to activate the grid to activate the system in the end!

Tibetan Bowls

You can also open a blocked heart chakra using frequencies corresponding to the fourth energy wheel. The rule of thumb is to stick to a sound bowl with the Anahata frequency of 594 Hz or note F

It’ll enable your mind, body, and spirit to eject the cobwebs jamming the heart. 

Here’s a video to help you out:


Another way to heal the specific blocked chakra system of the heart is by eating foods in the color green or pink. It can clear out your heart chakra blockage quickly while keeping it charged for a long time. 

Leafy greens like cabbage, kale, and spinach are great for Anahata. Moreover, herbs like mint and veggies like broccoli, turnip, and lemon work well too. 

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If you’re already familiar with heart chakra yoga positions, combine it with meditation to open your heart spiritually and emotionally. 

Psychics recommend visualizing green aura energies while taking deep breaths or concentrating on Anahata Gods like Vayu and Saraswati. 


Another ritual to combine deep breaths with healing the fourth center of energy is aromatherapy.

The heart power will open if you diffuse, smudge, or smell sacred herbs of the heart chakra like geranium, frankincense, sandalwood, rose, and ylang-ylang. 

For best effects, do the Hridaya Mudra with your middle fingers after smelling aromas associated with the heart chakra.

Ways To Unblock Throat Chakra

When it comes to the fifth chakra energy, sky blue is the corresponding color. This particular chakra is believed to be the seat of your inner voice. 

On the contrary, you may suffer from physical symptoms like low self-esteem, disorientation, mental clutter, hatred, and suspicion, when it’s out of balance. 

When you don’t unblock chakras, the same can close your physical voice to make you feel unable to express your thoughts. 

Sanskrit NameVishuddha
LocationAround the neck
Seed MantraHAM
AffirmationI see the truth.
Affected Body PartsThroat, Lungs, Thymus Gland, Jaws, Thyroid Gland, Neck, Teeth, Shoulders, and Voice Box.
Yoga PosesPlow pose, Camel pose, Fish pose, and Supported Shoulder Stand.


The best way to take the universe’s help to heal your throat chakra center of energy is by setting up a grid in the core chakra symbol of the throat. Make sure to use healing stones like turquoise, chalcedony, aquamarine, blue lace agate, or celestite to arrange on the grid. 

Tibetan Bowls

An overactive throat chakra can be soothed by sound vibrations that correspond to the throat chakra. I recommend sound healing with singing bowls that resonate at the throat chakra frequency of 672 Hz. 

Alternatively, you can play this video too! 


Do you want a more straightforward solution to open the blocked chakra of the throat? Perhaps you’re battling too much stress and need a quick solution. In that case, go for blue-colored foods like herbal teas, blue cheese, lemon, raw honey, and coconut water help to unblock chakras. 

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A warning sign of throat chakra is gullibility. You fall prey to scammers easily or get cheated by people. You should start meditating with a reiki practitioner or on your own in such a case. 

Imagine the symbol of Vishuddha or sit under the light blue sky to connect with the fifth energy point smoothly. Read more about chakra symbols!

Certain yoga poses like the Plow pose and Fish pose are particularly helpful to amplify your meditative state. 


Psychics and healers often suggest using herbs that are good for the specific blocked chakra system of the throat to establish a spiritual connection. It’s an excellent technique for those who are new to energy rituals like crystal grids, singing bowls, or meditation. 

Throat chakra scents like blue chamomile, sage, juniper, peppermint, or basil are good picks. 

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Techniques To Unblock Third Eye Chakra

Physically located between your brows, the third eye chakra corresponds to intuition. When it’s active, people will see an indigo aura around you, and you’ll see spiritual connections in everyday life. 

Your third eye chakra can get blocked because of spiritual problems that often manifest as tension headaches, hatred, jealousy, oversensitivity, or loss of balance. 

Sanskrit NameAjna
LocationBase of the spine
Seed MantraOm
AffirmationI am intuitive.
Affected Body PartsThyroid Gland, Eyes, Pituitary Gland, Pineal Gland, Sinus, Ears, Brain, Nervous System, and Pituitary Gland.
Yoga PosesChild’s Pose, Plank Pose, Tree Pose, and Crocodile Pose.


Making a healing grid using the sixth chakra healing gems on the third eye symbol grid is an excellent way to seek the help of the universe for precisely this. 

Pick crystals such as blue sapphire, iolite, labradorite, azurite, lapis lazuli, or black obsidian for the grid. Finally, chant the seed syllable. 

Tibetan Bowls

Playing or striking a singing bowl is a simple way to flush out the negative blocks around your third eye chakra energy fields. But, you should first pick a bowl that vibrates at 720 Hz.

These vibrations can then enter your body, mind, and spirit to heal you inside-out. Try this video to feel the effects NOW!


The best way to power up the third eye chakra is to consume indigo-colored fruits, vegetables, and drinks. Eating blueberries, grapes, eggplant, purple carrots, chicory, and blackberries will help you build an energetic body.


You can also meditate on the indigo color energies while chanting the seed syllable to clear chakra blockages around the brow energy location. I also suggest meditating upon the thought of cleansing your third eye chakra to flush out the negativity veiling over your sixth wheel of energy.

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The blocked chakra of Ajna can make you disoriented. So, to unblock the chakras of the Ajna energy centers, immerse yourself in sacred herbs and scents associated with them. These are mountain rose, marjoram, blood orange, rosemary, mugwort, sandalwood, and jasmine. 

Ways To Unblock Crown Chakra

When it comes to the highest energy centers in the seven main chakras, the crown energy of the purple aura can do a lot. It can heal your intuition, enhance psychic abilities, and make you creative besides healing other blocked chakras.

This specific chakra also corresponds to your memory, brain, and nervous system. 

Sanskrit NameSahasrara
LocationTop of the head/ center of the forehead
Seed MantraOm
AffirmationI am connected to the universe.
Affected Body PartsSinus, Nerves, Brain, Memory, Spinal Cord, Nose, Eyes, Endocrine, and System.
Yoga PosesLotus Pose, Rabbit Pose, Headstand, and Half-Lotus Pose.


You can also unblock your higher chakras in the secondary system by tapping into the purple chakra. The best way to do it is by setting up a crystal grid using crown chakra healing stones. Use amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite, charoite, and howlite.  

As a result, the crown healing energy will flush out the negativity naturally as soon as the grid is activated with an intention!

Photo by Anete Lusina: https://www.pexels.com/photo/crop-woman-with-amethyst-on-hand-7256625/

Tibetan Bowls

Simply listening to the frequency of the crown chakra can also flush out blockages. Hence, use a sound bowl that vibrates at 768 Hz to quickly cleanse the blocked chakra. 

If you can’t find a specific sound bowl of this frequency, try a sound bowl of note B. 

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Eating purple-colored foods like blackberries, purple carrots, eggplant, red onion, and sweet potatoes can also unblock the crown chakra easily. 

Moreover, crown chakra foods open energy pathways of the forehead energy centers for upper body strength and communicating with guardian angels or spirits. 

Photo by Laker : https://www.pexels.com/photo/half-of-fresh-cabbage-on-table-6157038/


Due to too much stress, an unbalanced crown chakra makes it impossible to meditate or hold a spiritual connection. I suggest unblock chakras by sitting down under the night sky and visualizing the symbol associated with the higher energy centers.


Using essential oils associated with the seventh chakra point like lavender, rosemary, chives, rosewood, and lemon can help. Frankly, smelling these scents will open the Sahasrara center of energy quickly. Make sure to chant the seed syllable too.

How Can I Unblock My 7 Chakras?

To open blocked chakras, you need to flush out negativities in your energy system of the seven chakras. You can unblock your chakras in the ways to unblock we specified above, like yoga, meditation, crystal grid, aromatherapy, and foods. 

You can also use affirmations, chanting, or frequencies to open these energies.

Read about the history of seven chakras next!

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