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Last Updated on March 24, 2023

We all go through a plethora of emotions. On some days, we are overly excited, while on some days, we are utterly disappointed. Sometimes we are angry, while sometimes we are overjoyed. Sometimes we are at peace, and sometimes we are anxious. Every day, throughout our lives, we experience these emotions, which define our level of consciousness. 

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Emotions Have Vibrations

It’s a proven fact that everything that exists in this universe has a vibration or powerful energy associated with it. Similarly, all the emotion we experience, too, carries a vibration or energy, which is the reflection of our consciousness level. 

Understanding this amazing fact, Dr. David R. Hawkins did extensive research for over two decades on the energies associated with various emotions. And after successfully doing muscle testing experiments using the Kinesiology testing process and after conducting over 250,000 calibrations, he came up with a logarithmic scale, which has seventeen levels of consciousness depending on our state of mind. 

He named it ‘The Hawkins Scale.’

What Is Consciousness?

In simple terms, consciousness is the state of being aware. And this state of awareness not only includes being aware of external things but also being aware of our inner self. 

Dr. Hawkins, after his years of research, concluded that all of us, at a particular stage of our lives, are at a certain level of consciousness. He further stated that though most of us lie in the bottom half of his scale, we should try to step up the ladder of consciousness level to attain peace, joy, and enlightenment

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The Hawkins Scale

The seventeen levels of the Hawkins Scale, starting from the lowest to the highest, are – Apathy, Guilt, Fear, Grief, Desire, Courage, Pride, Anger, Shame, Neutrality, Acceptance, Willingness, Reason, Joy, Love, Peace, and Enlightenment. 

‘Shame’ is at the bottom of the scale, with a consciousness level of 20, while ‘Enlightenment’ sits at the top, with a consciousness level of 700+. ‘Courage’ is at the middle of the Hawkins Scale, with a consciousness level of 200. 

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Lower Level Of Consciousness

Eight out of seventeen levels of consciousness – shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride, come in the lower or the first level of consciousness. Sometimes due to some unfortunate incidents in our lives, we fall into the lower levels of consciousness. 

Those who are at one of these levels of consciousness feel that they are full of negative emotions. In addition, they believe that the reality, the outside world, and their current situation are fixed. Further, they think that this will never change. They believe that things are the way they are. 

The lower levels of consciousness are besieged with destructive forces instead of constructive power. Thus, these negative forces make us emotionally weak. 

Let’s now discuss in brief the lower level consciousnesses:


Shame (20)

It is the lowest level of consciousness. People at this level feel extremely humiliated, miserable, and worthless. They are depressed and have murderous and suicidal tendencies. Such people hate the Supreme Master.    

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Guilt (30)

Remorse fill people at this stage. They either blame themselves or others or the circumstances. They feel that life is evil, and they feel vindictive towards the Divine Being.

Apathy (50)

People at this level are full of hopelessness, poverty, and indifference. They condemn the Supreme Master and feel that they are a victim of life and circumstances.

Grief (75)

Most of us have experienced grief at a certain phase of our lives. But if someone stays at this level for a long duration, then it can lead to depression. People at this stage feel tragic and despondent, and they have disdainful feelings toward the Divine Master.

Fear (100)

Fear fills a person with anxiousness and terror. It can be of anything; it can be a fear of getting rejected, fear of not scoring good marks, fear of getting old, fear of difficult situations, etcetera. Such people have withdrawal symptoms, and they feel that the Supreme Master is punishing them.

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Desire (125)

People at this stage are full of cravings. They want more money, more power, more fame, more riches! Once they own a bicycle, they desire a small car. When they own a small car, they crave a big car. Once they own a big car, they hanker for a Ferrari! And when they can’t get a Ferrari, they feel disappointed. 

Anger (150)

Due to the negative and destructive forces of the lower levels of consciousness, a person often gets angry and frustrated. That person becomes a dangerous fireball that can burst at any time. They have a feeling of hatred inside their heart. 

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Pride (175)

At this level, a person finally starts feeling good. But pride has negative vibrations. People at this level are egoistic and selfish. They consider themselves superior to everyone else. Such people feel that they have everything in life, and they don’t need the blessings of the Omnipotent.  

 Middle Level Of Consciousness

Once we start understanding that our beliefs create our reality, and we start neutralizing negative thoughts by becoming aware of them, that’s when we start moving out of the lower levels of the Hawkins Scale. 

We start believing that by changing ourselves, we can change our current situation. As we change from within, our outer reality will change automatically. 

At the lower level, we just accept reality as it is. But at the middle level, we start believing that we can change reality, which is nothing but the mirror of our own thoughts. By doing this, we come close to neutrality. 

The emotions which come under the middle level of vibrations on the Hawkins Scale are:

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Courage (200)

This is the first level when we will start feeling empowered. People at this stage start responding to life, and they start becoming aware of themselves. They start believing that they can change their reality. 

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Neutrality (250)

At this level, people start feeling neutral about their life. If they don’t have something, they will not crib about it. They will try for something else. Situations or attachments don’t affect them. They are satisfied with their life.

Willingness (310)

People at this level are hopeful and are full of positivity. They are inspired by the presence of the Supreme Master. They don’t complain if the time is tough. Instead, they accept the challenges with open arms. 

Acceptance (350)

At this stage, people start accepting that they are the owner of their lives. They start letting go of negative emotions and victimized beliefs. They are full of forgiveness, and they believe that God is kind and merciful.  

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Higher Level Of Consciousness

At the higher level, we let go of all the attachments. We start realizing that there is divine energy that channels through us. We eventually realize who we really are, and we surrender our souls to the Supreme Being. It is a state of bliss. It is a state of pure happiness. We start following our passion, and we start feeling happiness flowing through our bodies. 

The higher levels of consciousness are characterized by constructive power, which enlightens our soul. Such positive vibrations fill our souls with happiness, contentment, and harmony. 

Following emotions come under the middle level of vibrations on the Hawkins Scale:

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Reason (400)

The emotions attached to ‘Reason’ are rationality, understanding, and intelligence. People at this stage start using their reasoning prowess before reaching a conclusion. They feel that their life is meaningful.      

Love (500)

This emotion represents pious and unconditional love. It is not just restricted to romantic love, but it is more about being connected to everything. It is the state of being happy. Emotions of nurturing, forgiveness, and compassion are linked to it. People start feeling connected to the Supreme Master. 

Joy (540)

At this level, people feel that their life is complete. They feel inner happiness and contentment. They believe that the Supreme Master is one, and they have an emotion of serenity inside their hearts.

Peace (600)

This emotion is pure bliss. Only one out of 10 million people are able to reach this level of consciousness. The person feels that his life is perfect. There are no attachments and no negative thoughts. This is the level of complete spiritual awakening.

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Enlightenment (700+)

This is the highest level of consciousness. At this stage, our soul merges with the divinity. This level has only been achieved by a few divine Ascended Masters, who took birth on this planet for the well-being of humanity. 

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We all have a base vibration, and we all react differently in the same situation depending on our consciousness level. Sometimes our base vibration is low, while sometimes, it is high. The Hawkins Scale helps us to identify where we stand and what needs to be done to increase our base vibration to reach a level where we can find inner peace, joy, and spiritual enlightenment.