35 Interesting And Fun Things To Do While Listening To Music

Last Updated on February 7, 2024

Music is powerful. Humankind is connected to music through the beat of our hearts. The rhythm of a drum echoes the heartbeat.

In this way, music is a natural and fundamental part of who we are.

Music has grown and developed over the centuries. It began as tribal with the drum beat at its core.

Classical music was all the rage for hundreds of years. It went through many changes from Baroque to Classical to Romantic, and Modern.

In the Western hemisphere, specifically the United States, through the influence of music that enslaved Africans brought with them on the slave ships to America, jazz, as well as rhythm and blues, grew.

By the 1920s, jazz could be heard in bars and speakeasies in Chicago, New York, and New Orleans.

New Orleans was where it all started, and this incredible, new music spread quickly.

Today, New York is regarded as the jazz capital of America.

From jazz and rhythm and blues, rock ‘n roll developed. Elvis Presley, once a truck driver, became a worldwide sensation.

Girls actually fainted at concerts by The Beatles.

The fact is that music comes in so many different styles that people have much to choose from.

Do you love to listen to pop music or are you a classical music fan? Maybe jazz is more your style or you can’t wait for the next album to be released of your favorite country star.

I am a fan of classical as well as country. I love the difference between these two styles of music and listen to whichever one suits my mood at any given time.

The fact is, that music is one of the greatest blessings in this life. There is music to fit every activity and every mood.

In “Twelfth Night”, a play by the great English playwright, William Shakespeare, a character says, “If music be the food of love, play on.”

Music is associated with all different feelings: love, anger, frustration, sadness, hope, and so on.

Every major holiday has music that is connected to it. What would Christmas be without Christmas carols, and the songs we hear in the shopping malls?

There is lots of fun and spooky music for Halloween. The classical piece, “Night on Bald Mountain” by composer, Modest Mussorgsky, is a great one!

Valentine’s Day has all the beautiful, romantic music for lovers while St. Patrick’s Day celebrates the music of Ireland.

Whatever the holiday, whatever the special occasion there is music to suit.

In addition to being a wonderful way to “soothe the savage breast” or rev up a crowd at a dance, music has been explored for its therapeutic ability.

Music therapy is a study of its own which uses the power of music to help people who 

suffer from anxiety and depression.

Music therapy is also used to improve social communication, physical rehabilitation, and motivation.

Music can be used in so many ways. The things that we can do while listening to music are practically endless!

Join me now as I explore 35 things you can do while listening to music and let it inspire you to enrich your life by listening more to music.

Terrific Ideas To Do While Listening To Music

For me, music is the perfect accompaniment for many activities that I love to do and even some that I don’t love doing so much.

One of my hobbies is baking. Music is a constant in my kitchen as I bake bread, mix cookie batter, and roll out pastry for pie.

I love the soothing quality of music and it elevates an activity that I already enjoy to another level.

Music also makes a great companion, particularly if I have the radio on and there is a host who speaks about the music. I have company and I also learn about the music that’s being played – something that I really appreciate if it’s classical music.

I find that music can make mundane, not-so-fun tasks like cleaning way more enjoyable. I forget about what I’m doing and immerse myself in the tunes.

Before I know it, my dusting and vacuuming are done and I can sit and enjoy a cup of tea while continuing to listen to my music.

Some people enjoy having music on in the background when they are writing or studying.

I am not one of those people, but wish that I were. My brain needs silence to think.

Music is my constant companion when I am in the car. If I have a long drive, the music makes the miles go by more pleasantly even if I’m on a busy highway.

My daughter and I drove from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada to Ontario, Canada. It took us several days.

We had a great time and we listened to lots of music as we rolled across this marvelous country. Whenever I hear one of the tunes we listened to, it takes me back to that great road trip.

Check out our list below and see if there are ways you would like to incorporate music into your life.

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16 Terrific Ideas To Do While Listening Music

1. “Commute to work: Music is one of the great companions whether you are driving alone or with friends to enjoy your ride. However, if you are driving alone make sure to tune into your playlist before leaving the parking a lot.”

2. “Take a walk: Music and walking is an unbeatable combination to stay focused. Just tune into your favorite songs and you are good to go.”

3. “Complete jigsaw puzzle: While your hands are busy solving the Jigsaw puzzle, music may help in enhanced relaxation and cognitive function.”

4. “Fold laundry: Listening to music while doing your household chores like folding laundry makes it enjoyable and keeps you productive.”

5. “Relax: Listening to music is the perfect way to relieve stress and for your mental wellbeing.”

6. “Prepare meals: If you listen to music while preparing meals, it can help to enhance creativity and make your mundane task enjoyable.”

7. “Clean house: While you are cleaning your house, music can keep you energized and focus on your work.”

8. “Garden: Music is an ultimate way to feel close proximity with nature and while gardening, listening makes your task more relaxing.”

9. “Organise files: Organizing files and decluttering your emails are quite a hectic and boring task but with music you can stay focussed and will not give up easily.”

10. “Go for a long drive: Going for a long drive with your someone special? Make it more special, romantic and enjoyable with your partner’s favorite music.”

11. “Play games: Listening to your favorite tunes while playing games will keep your spirits high and help you stay focussed.”

"Play games: Listening to your favorite tunes while playing games will keep your spirits high and help you stay focussed."

12. “Baby sit: You may enjoy your favorite music while taking care of your babies. However make sure not to use earphones so that you can use outside noises too.”

13. “Try handicrafts: Indulging into your favorite music will help you keep focussed and boost your productivity while doing handicrafts tasks.”

14. “Play with pets: Listening to podcasts keeps your hands free so spare this time to play with your furry friends by the end of the day.”

15. “Tackle a home repair: Listening to something creative and enjoyable can help turn a mundane task to an enjoyable one.”

16. “Try to sleep: Music helps to soothe our mind and relaxes the feel good chemicals in the body. Listening to some soothing tunes before sleeping can enhance the quality of your sleep.”

Unique Ideas For Things To Do While Listening To Music

Music has so many benefits and is helpful to us in so many ways.

Music can aid us in learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge. For example, if you are interested in learning a new language for a trip you’re planning or to be able to converse with your future in-laws, then music is a good way to pick up words and phrases.

Pop music often provides up-to-date idiomatic expressions that are relevant to current informal communication.

Music is also helpful in enhancing focus. If you are learning to do calligraphy, for example, you may have better results by listening to music while learning.

Music can simply add more joy to an experience. If you’re spending a day at the beach, take the tunes along.

If you’re doing something creative like sketching or painting, music can add another layer of depth to the experience.

Even if the activity is something as simple as having a cup of tea, music will make it that much more relaxing and rejuvenating.

Below is a list of more great ideas for things to do while listening to music. Check them all out!

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19 Unique Ideas To Do While Listening Songs

18. “Be creative: Get inspired by the music to create something new, like a poem, a painting, or a craft.”

19. “Daydream: Let your mind wander and imagine scenarios while enjoying the music.”

20. “Sip coffee: Enjoy your morning coffee while listening to music to start your day on a positive note.”

"Sip coffee: Enjoy your morning coffee while listening to music to start your day on a positive note."

21. “Meditate: Use the music to enhance relaxation and focus during meditation or mindfulness practice.”

22. “Do yoga: Pair yoga practice with music to create a soothing and uplifting experience.”

23. “Journal: Write down your thoughts and feelings while listening to music to explore your emotions and ideas.”

24. “Get a pedicure: Relax and enjoy a pampering experience while listening to your favorite songs.”

25. “Take a shower: Use music to enhance the feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation while showering.”

26. “Party: Turn up the music and dance or sing along with friends.”

27. “Do nothing: Simply listen to the music and allow yourself to unwind and destress.”

28. “Learn a new language: Use music to help you learn a new language by listening to songs in that language and trying to understand the lyrics.”

29. “Paint: Use music as inspiration for your art and paint while listening to your favorite songs.”

"Paint: Use music as inspiration for your art and paint while listening to your favorite songs."

30. “Sitting at beach: Soak up the sun and the sounds of the beach while listening to music.”

31. “Visit outdoors: Explore the great outdoors while enjoying your favorite tunes.”

32. “Learn calligraphy: Use music to help you focus and practice your calligraphy skills.”

33. “Read a joke book: Listen to music while reading a book of jokes to enhance your mood and laughter.”

34. “Make a photo album: Sort through your photos while listening to music and create a beautiful photo album.”

35. “Learn origami: Use music to help you focus and practice your origami skills.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Listening To Music Impact Focus And Creativity?

Listening to music can positively impact focus and creativity by influencing mood and providing a stimulating background. It can enhance concentration, elevate mood, and create an atmosphere that fosters creative thinking during various tasks.

Are There Situations Where Listening To Music May Not Be Suitable For Productivity?

Yes, there are situations where listening to music may not be suitable for productivity, such as tasks that require intense concentration, reading complex materials, or engaging in activities that demand complete silence. It’s essential to assess the nature of the task and individual preferences.

Is It Advisable To Use Headphones While Listening To Music For Productivity?

Using headphones while listening to music for productivity can be beneficial, especially in shared or noisy environments. Headphones help create a focused and immersive experience, allowing you to better control your auditory environment.

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