Angel Number 123 Meaning: A New Chapter of Life Awaits You

Last Updated on May 3, 2023

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The Universe is always working in odd ways.

Sometimes you come across a certain combination of numbers wherever you go. You happen to glance at your watch, and it strikes you; the time is 1:23. Then, you see a license plate with the number while driving back home. Soon, you can make a pattern out of it.

Instead of dismissing it as an amusing coincidence, try and pay attention to it. It is a sign from the Universe, trying to tell you that you are on the right path.

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What are angel numbers?

Have you ever made a wish at 11:11? Why do people think that it is a lucky number? It is not a mere accident when something like this happens to you.

Angel Numbers have a recurring sequence and a spiritual meaning attached to them. They appear to you in the most mundane circumstances amidst your day-to-day activities. But if you pay attention to them, you will soon realize that these are signs that harbor an important message for you.

If the number you see everywhere in your daily life is angel number 123, you have come to the right place. As anyone would see, there is a visible succession of numbers in the angel number 123. This is why this number means growth and progression.

We will learn more about this beautiful number as we progress further in this section.

How can you choose your Angel Number?

Being mindful of your intuition is the first step to finding out your angel numbers. Pay attention to your gut feeling and surroundings. These numbers are just around the corner! When you stumble upon the one meant for you, you will feel an intuitional tug. With some practice, your body will respond to it. You can also watch intuition-based videos online if you want to start with something.

You can also find out your angel number with your date of birth. First, write down the numerical sequence of your date of birth in the form of year, date, and month and add it. Then reduce this number further by addition to get a single digit. That single digit will be your Angel Number.

For example, according to the Angel number calculator, the angel number of the person born on 3rd December 1996 will be 444.

What does your Angel Number mean?

If you feel like you see a numerical sequence, again and again, you are getting a message from the higher realm. Every time you sight the number, your guardian angel tries to communicate with you.

Sometimes these messages are encouragement; other times, these messages are warning. You need to decipher this message and act upon it. But rest assured, this is a reminder from the divine world to make you feel heard.

Do Angel Numbers have mystical powers?

It is almost fascinating that you receive an angel number from walking you through a precarious situation. It happens to so many people, and the numbers mean something very specific to their circumstances to each one.

There are times when receiving an angel number is also a sign of spiritual awakening. Unfortunately, it is difficult to draw a scientific explanation of a phenomenon like this.

What angel number carries the message of strength?

Angel number 7 delivers the message of strength to us. Our guardian angels lend us the strength to overcome hurdles and difficult endeavors in our life. It also symbolizes strong intuition that enlightens us with meaning and purpose. In many European countries, the number 7 is also considered the lucky number for various reasons.

How can I choose my lucky number?

You cannot choose your lucky number because it was assigned to you at the time of your birth. You can calculate it. There are online calculators at your disposal which can be used to find out different lucky numbers.

One of the lucky numbers is your life path number. This is because it plays an important role in determining the path you will undertake in life and the factors which will influence it. Here is an example to help you calculate your life path number.

Date of Birth: February 9, 1998

Month: 2 + 0 = 2

Day: 9 + 0 = 9

Year: 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 27 = 2 + 7 = 9

The final Master numbers are 2, 9 and 9.

Add Master Numbers – 2 + 9 + 9 = 21

2 + 1 = 3

The person’s Life Path number is 3.

Do Angel Numbers mean alignment?

Sighting of a certain angel number is a strong marker of alignment. The Universe is trying to remind you that you are on the right path.

However, sometimes these signs also call to action. They urge you to pay attention to your surroundings and your intuition so that you can find a deeper meaning in life.

Although you can use these numbers to align your path and set forward your course of life, express your gratitude, manifest your desires and be on the lookout for signs from your guardian angel.

What is the luckiest Angel Number?

1111 is the luckiest Angel Number. It is the number that many of us use to make a wish every time it strikes us on the clock. It has double digits of the same number, which is why it is also seen as the ‘master numbers.’

When you see this number, it is a signal from the Universe telling you that your ability to manifest your desires has reached new heights.

It also represents new beginnings making itself ideal for someone looking to start fresh.

What Angel Number represents abundance?

Number 888 is the spiritual equivalent for abundance. It is one of the most positive messages one can receive from their guardian angel. The number does not seem to have a beginning or an end, and so it symbolizes an endless flow of life and abundance.

In the Bible, it symbolized infinite nature and new beginnings.

The abundance that 888 represents goes beyond money. It ranges from good fortune, positive vibrations, wisdom, peace, and harmony.

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What does seeing an Angel Number mean in love?

The appearance of Angel Numbers symbolizes different meanings. Every number carries a specific meaning, and it varies from person to person.

For one person, it could mean the beginning of a new relationship, while for another, it could mean an end of a relationship. Also, it necessarily does not have to be in a relationship with another person. It can be a transformative journey of self-love as well.

To understand your personal sign, you can find your angel number and discover more about it.

What are the Angel Numbers for Love?

Are you manifesting a twin flame, soul mate or a romantic partner? Some Angel Numbers carry significant meaning for love. You might sight one of these.

Angel Number 000

This numerical sequence 000 indicates that new beginnings are lurking just around the corner, a sign of blossoming new love. It is futile to struggle in a relationship that does not comfort you anymore. This is the perfect time to relinquish the old flame and open your heart to someone new.

Angel Number 77

Number 77 means the blessing of a strong bond goes a long way. Whether romantic or platonic, a deep connection can be an anchor that lends you strength. But, it is time to move on for those whose old flame has burned. But someone out there is waiting for you!

Angel Number 411

Number 411 means good things come to those who wait. Patience will be the driving force for those who are seeing this angel number. Not to mention, luck is on the side of people who are searching for their twin flame. Do not rush the process but relish it.

Angel Number 711

This number 711 indicates that you have been fortunate enough to gain a new lease on your love life. While you are moving forward, the divine message comes with a warning to let go of past mistakes. Get your act together, set your goals and work towards your ambition before you step forward to search for the one.

Angel Number 909

The number 909 signals that some positive changes can take place in your current relationship. The strong bond will run deeper to become eternal bonds. For twin flame, this positive change might mean the end of something. But it can bring insight into ‘who’ you were looking for all this time. 

Angel Number 1010

Brace yourself for a big change in your love life. The tremors of an impending calamity might shake you but lend support to each other through the tough times.

For single people, this sign implies the need to accept your flaws. Then, the one who will love you will love your truest self. 

Angel Number 222

The alignment of numbers appearing in the angel number 222 shall reflect in your romantic relationships. It is a sign that your soul mate might be closer than you think.

Through this number, your Angel is sending comforting and positive vibes to lift your spirits after an ugly breakup. Soon, you will heal from this and come out as a stronger person.

Angel Number 333

This number 333 is the sign of approval from your Angel for the new lovers. Hold on to the one you are dating.

For the ones in a relationship, it implies progression. It is time to move on to the next step of your relationship. It can be married or having a baby, but the Angels are right with you.

Angel Number 888

Do not feel overwhelmed by the abundance of love and affection which is going to come your way. Instead, embrace it with an open heart; your guardian angel wants to tell you that you deserve it.

It signifies a revival of passion and an intense connection for the ones in a relationship.  

Angel Number 1111

This number sequence 1111 is considered the luckiest angel number in numerology. It carries a powerful message of connecting with your intuition. This number works as a reminder that you can use your gut feeling to find the right connection for you. It also urges couples in relationships to be more optimistic. 

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Are Angel Numbers spiritual?

Yes, Angel Numbers are spiritual. If a number shows up in your daily life experience, it is believed that each of them carries a special message for us from the celestial realm. However, they occupy a very subjective space, and their appearance could symbolize different meanings for different people.

Nonetheless, they come to us with positive affirmations and with an underlying message of hope, prosperity and joy.

What are Angel numbers best to combine?

Every angel number carries a fated message for you. Do not get confused by combining two numbers. Different numbers harbor a special message and are unique to your circumstances.

You can use your gut feeling to decipher the numerical sequence. 

What role do Angel Numbers play in predicting the future?

Angel numbers do not predict the future, but they drop omens as to what you can expect in the future. Different numbers represent different meanings from the divine realm. For example, one number can signify abundance, and another can mean a positive change.

Most of all, these numbers try to tell you not to fear the future. Instead, they ask you to have faith in your Guardian Angel and dive into the world with a positive attitude.

What is God’s favorite number?

God’s favorite number is 7, and there are several traces of it in Biblical numerology. It is the most sacred number in the Bible and has been used 735 times in it. Noah led the animals to the ark in pairs of 7. In the book of Matthew, Jesus asked to forgive seventy times seven. God finally rested after creating the Universe on the seventh day.

What is the ancient meaning of angel number 123?

The history of angel numbers can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. In the medieval period, the importance of digits was not limited to mathematics. But numbers held deeper connectivity to intuition and spirituality.

So if you see these numbers repeatedly, your spiritual guide is trying to help you grow. They want to help you to turn your dreams into reality.

You will see that these digits have a simple numerical sequence (1-2-3…). It means taking the initiative to start something and take forward-moving steps to achieve your goals.

Where does one find angel number 123?

As long as you keep your eyes open for the signs, you will encounter them anywhere or everywhere. We tend to miss the little things in our daily lives. For example, your phone, calendar, receipts or someone important might text you at 1:23.

All of this carries a spiritual meaning from your guardian angel.

If they stand out to you, they are meant for you.

Is the sighting of number 123 a phenomenon?

It is a phenomenon guiding you towards something positive.

 A lot of people have shared their spiritual experiences. They have described how they charted their paths and changed their destinies after paying attention to the angel numbers.

It is a transformative sign which has changed the lives of people who have paid attention to it.

This number shows up when you are beginning a new chapter in life and affirms a journey leading to prosperity and joy.

Angel Number 123, meaning.

You come across the number 123 in your daily life quite frequently. However, you can do nothing about it unless you know what it really means in your life. What is it trying to tell you? The symbolism Angel number is indicative of help from the divine realm.

As it is a sign of progression, it means that your spirit is set towards a journey. The ascending numbers symbolize steps. So, you are going to undergo different stages of growth on this journey.

 You will encounter challenges! But on the other side of these hurdles lays your life of prosperity and happiness.

This sign means you are ready for a big change in life. It is time to let go of your self-doubt and inhibitions and step forward. So what else does the sign mean?

Trust the process

Are you hesitant to start something new, be it a business venture or pick up a new hobby? If you are seeing this number, your timing is perfect! You are on the right track.

The Universe tells you not to hold yourself back and dive into the journey. It is the nudge of encouragement that you were looking for all along.

Do not worry about stepping out of your comfort zone. All you have to do is work hard and have faith in the process. What is meant for you shall never escape you.

Seek guidance and support

Seeing angel number 123 does not just mean that you are on the right track. It also means that your Guardian Angel is right behind you.

Your Guardian Angel is a celestial being from another realm who will never wish anything bad upon you. They are directing you in the right direction and support you all the way into your journey.

So trust the energies when you see angel number 123 and seek guidance from them. Be on the lookout for these numbers as it is the message from your Angel that the changes happening in your life are for the better.

Let go

Not all changes are bad. Angel number 123 is the sign that some changes bring positivity in your life, and you should welcome it.

Time for some spiritual declutter! As you move into the next stage of growth and prosperity, it is time to drop whatever that is weighing you down.

Do not let anyone or anything come in the way of your diligence and ambitions. If it is a job that you hate or a friendship that has turned too toxic, it is time to let go of it.

Your angels are telling you that you are moving in the right direction. If you stay diligent, you will see the fruit of your hard work.

Redirect your energy

The Universe is urging you to take care of yourself.

It is time to change your focus from others and engage in spiritual practice. Channelize your energy into creating your happiness. This is a sign for people who spend too much time taking care of others.

 As you will move away from the outward elements of the physical world, you will come closer to your inner self. Your intuition lies within your inner self, which will guide you towards your new life.  

What is the spiritual meaning of angel number 123?

When you stumble upon the angel number 123, the Universe is telling you to turn towards your inner self. It is urging you to trust your gut and intention. It is a sign to follow your heart and move towards fulfilling your ambitions.

If external circumstances make you deviate from your path, this sign from the celestial realm guides you.

Do not feel confused, and trust your intuition. As your soul embarks upon this spiritual journey, you will have ample space for spiritual growth. 

Embrace your new life and ask for your Guardian Angel’s guidance. They will nudge you towards the right path.

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What if you see the number 123 in reverse?

The number 123 is all about making things in your life simpler. But if you see the number in reverse, it can be a bad sign.

For instance, you frequently see the time at 3:21, which means you are making things more difficult. It can also mean that you are resisting the change that awaits you. If you see this often, it is time to let go of whatever is not serving you.

Does the meaning of synchronicities in numbers vary from person to person?

To each, his own

When we experience synchronicities, we are getting messages from a higher realm. It is believed that our guardian angels are guiding us through numbers.

But they do not mean the same thing for every person. As we all are going through different phases of life, we come across these appearances of numbers differently. We also respond to them based on our individual experiences.

So, for one person, the sighting of angel number 123 could mean a new beginning in their career. However, it could be a call to change their reckless attitude towards health for another. It depends on the person and how they are exploring the symbolism behind the numbers.

What does Angel Number 123 mean holistically?

A bright future awaits you, so leave your past behind!

A lot of people live stagnant lives in their comfort zone as they fear change. Angel number 123 means that your soul is ready for a rewarding change and growth. The Universe is telling you to let go of any self-doubt, fear of failure and insecurities and step forward in life. A positive attitude towards life will bring about positive changes.

As you go through a transformation and find your purpose, you will see a difference in your life. You will be able to make a difference in the world as you grow.

What is the numerology behind number 123?

Numerology is called the study of numbers and their occult significance.

When you add the numbers (1 + 2 + 3) you will get 6. In numerology, number 6 is known for empathy, connection with close ones and the need to serve others. This number has also been linked to restoring balance in life. Its vibrational influence brings harmony and peace into your life.

It encompasses all the energy from 1 to 6 and which makes it a very powerful number. This is the reason why sighting such a spiritually charged number holds power to change your destiny.  

In tarot cards, number 1 represents The Magus or the Magician. It symbolizes new beginnings and opportunities.

The angel number has an ascending numerical sequence (1, 2, 3,). It represents the different steps we take in our life to achieve our goals and ambitions. It indicates a continuation of your life journey by following your inner wisdom or intuition.

Breaking down the Angel Number 123 – What does 1 mean in number 123?

Number 1 implies leadership, new opportunities, and beginnings. It holds a sense of motivation that one requires to take the initiative or step in as a leader. This could be implemented in one’s career if you seek leadership roles or are looking for a new start in your professional life. It is all about getting rid of your inhibitions and striving forward.  

What does number 2 mean in number 123?

The number suggests a duality in which two opposing forces come together to form the harmony. This number is about finding balance in your life. In numerology, the number 2 represents peace. This number is for relationships with your family, love life, or professional partnerships. Its vibrational influence brings harmony to the interpersonal aspects of your life.

What does number 3 mean in number 123?

Number 3 has been linked to the person’s creativity, passion, and talents. It is also about self-expression and how it affects your professional life and friendships. If you are working on any personal project or planning to pick up a new hobby, number 3 makes sure you have the positive energy around you to be creative.

What is the biblical meaning of angel number 123?

Angel number 123 is a significant part of the Bible. It represents the Holy Trinity of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit as a combination. There is a divine force guiding us through precarious situations and hard times. Therefore, it is important to have faith and manifest the positive change that we want to see.

If we look at the numbers individually, 1 stands for oneness with God, who has created this Universe. Number 2 represents the double-edged sword of God. His word is righteous, and the laws that apply to Him apply to every living being in the Universe. Number 3, which has been mentioned 523 times in the Bible, represents the concept of the Trinity.

What do you do when you see Angel Number 123?

If you see the number 123 pop up everywhere you go, it is time to take it seriously. It is a message from your spiritual Guardian. Keep an open mind about this and believe in yourself. This can be your wake-up call, and here are some things you can do!

Write it down

Whenever you come across the number, pay close attention to things around it. Maintain a journal so that you can track the pattern and write down how you felt at that time. This could be your guardian angel relaying more information to you.

Sometimes angel numbers appear in succession, so you may sight 1234 or 567 along with 123. Also, note down the numbers you see in your dreams or during meditation. It will help you understand the message better.

Spiritual decluttering

Observe yourself and your surroundings and get rid of everything that is weighing you down. It can be friendships that no longer make you happy or beliefs that hold you back. It is a sign to stop wasting your life and focus on yourself. Find out what brings you happiness, look inwards, and let your intuition guide you. This is how you will be able to find purpose in life.

Express Gratitude

By showing gratitude, you will manifest positive energy into the Universe. Start with writing down positive affirmations in your journal. Thank your guardian angels for what you have received from them. 

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at Home?

A sign of peace and harmony in home life

The number represents a holistic balance and harmony in life. It might indicate a sense of peace enveloping your domestic life. You can also expect some positive developments in the near future at Home. It can also be a sign to get rid of the things that you do not need in your house and live a simpler and more meaningful life.

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at School?

A new door of opportunities might open for you.

Seeing the number in School might be the boost of encouragement you were looking for! It can be about leading a new project or participating in a school event. But most importantly, there is a possibility of nurturing your passion or getting an opportunity to be creative. Grab onto this one if you right this angel number at School!

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at a friend’s house?

A sign of resolving your conflicts  

This is the time to review the friendships you have had in your domestic life. The sighting of the sign might indicate resolving the issues you are facing in your friendship if the relationship is weighing you down. Suppose you can evaluate it by having a conversation with your friend. If things are not working out between you two, it might be time to let go of the relationship which is not serving you anymore.

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at a playground?

A call to get out of your comfort zone

The Universe is encouraging you to let go of your fears and face the world courageously. Your timing is perfect! You could not be better prepared for the opportunity that is coming your way. All you have to do is take the initiative and act on the idea.

It can also be a sign to be more flexible and receptive to different opinions and beliefs around you. Keep an open mind!

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at Store?

A sign to revaluate your lifestyle

Your Guardians Angels are asking you to find a balance between material attachment and spiritual awakening. So if you are in a store and you come across the number, the divine energy is telling you to let go of your immoderate to material things.

If you are a shopaholic, reflect on your choices and where it is coming from. Downsize a little rather than overstocking. It will keep things simpler.

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at Church?

A move towards spirituality

As you are taking a step towards your spiritual journey, the Universe is encouraging you by sending you a sign. By angel number 123, the divine spirit is letting you know that it will guide you and support your soul at every step of your spiritual journey.

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Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are in the Garden?

A sign of embracing new experiences in life 

The ideal way to connect with the divine realm is through nature. The Universe is trying to tell you to keep an open mind about things you have not done before. Give new experiences and activities a fair shot. Enroll in classes you have been planning to join for years. Try new hobbies and leisure activities to move deeper into your journey of self-discovery.

Why do you constantly see Angel Number 123 when you are at Hospital?

A call to exercise caution with health and well being

Chancing upon the angel number at the Hospital can very well be a wake-up call. It is an important message from your guardian angel to de-stress your mind and take your health seriously. Get rid of the old habits which are toxic for your physical and mental health. Replace them with a lifestyle to cleanse your body and soul.

What does Angel number 123 mean in manifestation?

123 is a potent number that can help you turn your dreams into reality. If you are seeing this number, you are already striving towards a better future and guaranteed success.

Just keep thinking of happy and positive thoughts. Let go of the negative feelings which bring you down. Your guardian angels are already guiding you, so practice gratitude and send out positive energy into the Universe.

What is the connection between your love life and angel number 123?

If you are in a relationship 

 This is a reminder to strike a balance in your love life. As this numerical sequence is about stability, your Angel is trying to bring harmony into your relationship. Pay attention to the patterns in your relationship whenever you see the number.

If you are spending too much time apart, there is space for effective communication. Listen to your partner and be emphatic towards their feelings. Communicate your needs to them as well.

Observe what is unique to your relationship. What can be improved to reach harmony?

If you are single 

This could be the start of something new for you. As the number 123 also represents new beginnings, you are in for a relationship that will be beautiful and sustainable for a long time.

This could also be a sign urging you to indulge yourself and practice self-love. Love will come to you when you are ready; however, for now, you need to work on yourself.

Can seeing Angel Number 123 be a warning sign?

Many people look at it as a warning sign from their guardian angels. When one comes across angel number 123, it is a kind of call to action. It is a message from our celestial angels imploring us to stop spending our time with the wrong people or wasting it on the wrong things.

It is a sign to get rid of our irrational fears and insecurities, which have become a hurdle between us and our ambitions.

By simplifying our life and getting rid of things that make us unhappy, we can make our life more meaningful.

It is a warning sign that is recommending positive changes to us.

Can seeing Angel Number 123 be a positive sign?

Many people mistake the synchronicities of numbers as a bad omen. On the contrary, these are signs of positive affirmations from a celestial being from the higher realm. Our guardian angels are always looking out for us, and so it is impossible for them to harbor any ill intentions towards us.

The appearance of angel number 123 is a gentle message from them. It is their way of asking us to keep things simple and find our purpose in life.

Is it bad luck to see Angel Number 123?

Not at all! Many people believe that seeing 666 or 911 is an ill omen, but that is false. Angel Numbers never harbor ill intentions for humans. It is a token of good luck from our angels.

Similarly, 123 is not evil or a symbol of bad luck. Stay positive, and do not worry when you keep seeing this sign.

Angel Number 123, Twin Flame and Soul mate

A twin flame is believed to be one soul who got split into two. Often, the connection between twin flames is so strong that people are drawn towards each other. A twin flame is also referred to as a ‘mirror soul.’

If you are someone who is seeking their twin flame, the appearance of angel number 123 bears a strong message for you.

Start with loving yourself.

This number has been about diving into your inner self and getting closer to your intuition. Naturally, the first step is to focus on yourself and direct your energy towards your inner self. Once you learn to love yourself, you will be able to love your twin flame too.

What if you are in a relationship?

If you are in a relationship and believe in having already met your twin flame, some changes are coming your way. Brace yourself for some difficult confrontations and be ready to make decisions.

Go with the flow. There is no point in controlling the situation. These changes will happen for the better, and they will help you get closer to your true self.

We only advise you to prioritize yourself before others and trust the process. Universe has great plans for you. 

If you are in a relationship and you feel exhausted from it, the angel number 123 is indicating the need to simply. The Universe is telling you to release your partner and save both of you from an unfulfilling relationship.

Take some time off to work on yourself. Your twin flame is awaiting you beyond your journey of self-love.  

Understanding the Numerology behind Angel Number 123 and Twin Flame

While seeking your twin flame, if you see the appearance of the number 123, it is a positive sign. After all, it is an ascending angel number. According to this, one possible interpretation is that your relationship will move in the upward direction.

Number 2 represents union which suggests the idea of someone special entering your life soon.

Some Interesting facts about Angel Number 123

In chemistry, the 123rd element of the periodic table is Unbitrium, and it is an undiscovered element.

It is the emergency telephone number in Egypt and Columbia.

‘1-2-3’ is also a song written by Len Barry.

In the Book of Numbers of the Bible, Aaron died at the age of 123.

What is the symbolism behind angel number 123?

Angel number 123 is a spiritually charged number. After sighting this number, one is potentially on the path of spiritual awakening if they follow the guidance of their Guardian Angels.

The divine beings are going to help you simplify your life and bring you inner peace. It symbolizes how important it is to build a connection with the spiritual realm.

Do not dismiss the appearance of this angel number because it is your key to growing as a human. Once you start to follow the path that your guardian angels have set for you, everything will fall into place.

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Is 123 a lucky number?

According to numerology, 1 + 2 + 3 is 6, which is an even number and so imbued with positive energy. If you are seeing this angel number, the ascended masters, your ancestors and guardian angels are with you. They are sending you important messages and helping you achieve your full potential.

The highest objective of this number is to bring you happiness and give your life a purpose.

It is a lucky number for inner peace as well as material prosperity, and it is difficult to acquire stability of this kind. If 123 is your angel number, you will gain more than just luck!

Is Angel Number 123 significant for new beginnings?

123 signifies the beginning of a new phase of life. It means a fresh start and innovations! If you are starting something new and see the number sequence, it is your Angel giving you the push of encouragement.

You have nothing to worry about because the divine energy is with you. Leave the negativity behind as you enter this new chapter.

Does Angel Number 123 help reveal your true self?

You can achieve your highest self and function at your full potential if you follow the energy of Angel Number 123. It helps you look inwards, focus on yourself and connect yourself to the center of your being – which is your gut feeling or intuition.

Using this intuition to move forward while shedding off your insecurities, anxieties and fear, you will be able to find your true self.

Does Angel Number 123 symbolize happiness?

It works as a reminder to surround yourself with positive people and things that bring you joy. At the same time, it also communicates the need to unburden yourself by relinquishing unnecessary things and people from your life.  

It also brings much-craved stability into our lives. Many of us have one thing but lack the other, and thus we are always feeling that something is missing. However, by helping us master to create stability in life, it brings happiness in its truest form. 

What is the meaning of Angel Number 123 in terms of the law of attraction?

When you see this sequence believe that you are on the right path. It is important for you to have faith in the Universe which has something big in store for you.

When you come across this number, use that as an indicator to send out positivity in the Universe. Express your gratitude, meditate and wish for what you want from life.

Most of all, trust the process. Better things are coming your way.

What is the meaning of angel number 123 in choosing a hobby?

Number 3 in the angel number 123 represents a surge of creativity, passion and innovation. Self-care is also an important sign of the number. It plays an important role in self-expression and pushes people to spend time on things that matter.

When you are drawn by this numerical sequence, you will spend more time on activities that serve your growth. You might finally go for the piano lessons which you were holding back for a later while. 

What is the meaning of angel number 123 in terms of work?

Seeing angel number 123 at work is a wake-up call to build on your organizational skills. If you are falling behind at work, this is the sign for you to find a balanced role at your workplace—plan things better to be more efficient.

As the number 1 in the angel number suggests a new chapter, the implication of this message is to take the initiative at your workplace. This could be applying for a leadership role, changing your job or partnering in a joint business venture.

Does Angel Number 123 influence your self-esteem?

123 reminds you to master the art of self-love before you engage in a romantic relationship. This stems from the belief that you cannot love anyone else if you do not love yourself for who you are.

Practicing self-love combats poor self-esteem. If you are aligning the appearance of the number with the right actions, it will help you with developing a stronger sense of self with high self-esteem.

Does Angel Number 123 affect your perception of things?

Yes, Angel Number 123 has always signaled at relinquishing abundant material belongings. Excessive attachment to material commodities can cause chaos in our homes as well as our minds. It really brings us face to face with what really matters in life. The divine being helps to create space for better things.

Instead of looking outwards and burdening yourself with conflicts with others, it brings you closer to the center of your being. People, who feel lost in life, gain a fresh perspective after following the course of number 123. It is the realization that one can live a simple yet happy and fulfilling life.

What is the meaning of 123 in terms of Doreen Virtue?

Keep it simple. Let go of anything inessential.

According to Doreen Virtue how our Guardian Angels try to send us messages through these numbers, but most of the people dismiss it as mere coincidence. She emphasized the importance of observing the angel numbers, and following it with action can make a lot of difference.

Let go of what you can and make time for little joys in life like resting, working out, meditating and other self-care activities.

Does Angel Number 123 lessen anxiety?

Being able to see synchronicities is a sign of spiritual awakening. Whenever you see the number 123, count the things you are grateful for to calm yourself down.

 The divine energy is always guiding you. It is communicating to you that you are going to find the true meaning of your life.

Does Angel Number 123 attract money?

If you are trying to manifest financial abundance and you receive the number 123, it means you are working towards economic stability.

On the other hand, it could be a sign to eliminate the wastage of money by limiting your extravagant ways. It is time to take a more balanced role in terms of finances. This could hint at moving towards the minimalistic lifestyle, which is often highlighted along with the angel number 123.

What does Angel Number 123 mean for families and friends?

Reviving old relationships and friendships which have died down over time is the implication behind seeing this numerical sequence. Maybe you had a fall out with a friend, but you miss them now.

It could also mean a start of a new friendship. Your guardian angels want you to connect with people and work on the way you handle relationships.

Does Angel Number 123 help you find your soul mate?

It is a good sign for people who are looking for love. If you come across angel number 123 and looking for the love of your life, it is very likely that your soul mate is close by.

123 is also the sign of upward movement, which can reflect in your relationship. The Angels are telling you that the time is right to take your relationship to the next level. If you were looking for a sign to confess your feelings to your partner, this might be it!

On the other hand, if you are stuck in a toxic relationship, this sign is a reminder to sever ties. Do not waste your energy on something which makes you miserable.


It is important not to lose sight of your goals. The next time you see Angel Number 123, ask yourself, ‘What was I seeking when I first saw it?’

Then ask yourself, ‘How far have I come today?’

It will be suitable to keep track of your progress in a journal where you can write down the actions you took as per the signs from your guardian angels. You can also use that journal to practice gratitude and manifest your wishes in the Universe.

By accepting the direction of the Angel Number, you will be able to achieve ultimate freedom. The possibility of finding a balance between the spiritual and the material world is extended to you.

Do not be afraid to open this door to a better life. Renounce what does not hold value to you and make space for better things.

More than anything, have faith in the message of Angels.