65 Varied And Helpful Ways To Keep Your Mind Calm For A Productive And Peaceful Life

Last Updated on February 8, 2024

Achieving a sense of calm in today’s world is a tall order which seems to elude more and more people.

Our lives are chocked full of busy, stressful work schedules, along with activities for children, and there seems little time for any leisure or recreation.

Data show that anxiety has reached an alarming rate among adults and young people alike.

Social media has contributed to the rising numbers of highly anxious teens and a good number of adults.

What is shown on social media is the best of someone’s life and none of the mundane, ho-hum aspects; certainly not the ugly stuff.

This gives a misrepresentation of people’s lives as fun-filled and fabulous. People post images of themselves on holiday excursions, evenings out with friends, recognition of achievements, and so on.

Followers are made to feel that their normal existence falls short of what appears on screen to be the marvelous life of so many others. 

We feel like we are missing out, that our lives, by comparison with the lives of those on social media, are dull, drab, and unexciting.

Worse yet, we ourselves feel that we are less than these other people and that we cannot measure up to this standard of life.

We feel a constant anxiousness as we hopelessly strive to attain the unattainable.

It’s a short step from these feelings of anxiety to depression.

What can we do to combat these feelings, build and maintain our self-esteem, and find joy in our lives?

In this article you will find sixty-five ways to calm your mind and help it stay calm. Read on and see how you can find some peace of mind and curb your anxious feelings.

Helpful Ways To Soothe Your Mind

Feelings of anxiety and stress can really do a number on our overall well-being. While stress and anxiety begin in the mind, they can have actual physical side effects.

People with high anxiety suffer from such physical issues as stomach pain, headaches, diarrhea, and sweating.

Stress and anxiety can spill over into our work lives. The physical side effects may make it impossible for you to go to work some days, and the subsequent ripple effect can put you in a very difficult situation.

High absenteeism from work may eventually result in job loss. This results in increased stress and anxiety as you struggle to cope financially and with self-esteem.

Looking for work is stressful in itself and when it is compounded by having a family to provide for, it is easy to become overwhelmed by guilt and feelings of inadequacy.

One of my siblings found himself in just this scenario when the company he worked for was bought by another company.

The new company kept all of their employees and let the people who worked for the other company, like my brother, go.

He felt extreme anxiety from the loss of his job and this had a negative effect on his wife and children.

Eventually he found a new job and his stress gradually subsided.

If you find yourself in a situation that causes you to feel anxious, there are numerous things you can do to relieve the stress before it really takes over.

In the list below you will find twenty things that you can do quickly and easily. A number of these strategies can be done without others even knowing.

Check them out and start incorporating these great ideas into your life to soothe your mind.

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20 Helpful Ways To Soothe Your Mind

1. “Eat, drink, frown, regret and feel sorry for yourself in moderation.”

2. “Focus on gratitude”

3. “Set routines”

4. “Get twisted…in yoga class.”

5. “Leave the future alone”

6. “Close your eyes when you’re stressed out.”

7. “Squeeze a stress ball.”

8. “Think proactive vs reactive.”

9. “Leave your home even when you don’t feel like it.”

10. “Get rid of the shit that’s blocking your way.”

11. “Welcome humor.”

12. “Notice internal judgements”

13. “Exercise Daily”

14. “Befriend self-awareness

15. “Check out Instagram for some fun and creative ways to exercise.”

“Check out Instagram for some fun and creative ways to exercise.”

16. “Maintain a healthy skepticism about what people tell you.”

17. “Let go of your childhood.”

18. “Recognize false alarms.”

19. “Incorporate visual anchors.”

20. “Repeat a mantra.”

Ways To Find Peace Of Mind

When we experience anxiety, feelings of stress overtake our mind. We become consumed by fear and negativity and we start spinning out of control.

In order to keep this from happening, we need strategies that we can make a part of our daily lives.

I do think it is important to recognize that not all stress and anxiety are negative. In fact, experts tell us that a little stress is actually good for us.

We are wired to have the ability to respond to stress if it’s for a limited period of time and there is the opportunity to recover from the stress.

In this way we build our capacity to deal with anxiety-causing incidents which are an inevitable part of life.

This is simply our mind and our bodies being able to withstand challenges.

However, when stress is sustained, and we are unable to regain a sense of calm and composure, then we need strategies.

There are wonderful, practical ideas in the list below. I am a big fan of these and keep this list close at hand to refer to whenever I start feeling like my anxiety is building and I am living in that anxious state.

I love the phrase:

Fire the negative committee in your brain.

This simple phrase reminds me that I am in control of my thoughts, and I need to flip the script that is running on a loop in my brain telling me to look at everything negatively, and blow it all out of proportion.

There are many more great ideas here like drinking soothing tea, and getting up 10 minutes earlier.

Check out all these ideas and find what connects with you to start reducing your stress.

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20 Ways To Find Peace Of Mind

21. “Drink soothing tea.”

22. “Plan a vacation or getaway.”

23. “Don’t overexplain yourself.”

24. “Fire the negative committee in your brain.”

25. “Create a to-do list”

26. “Perfect the art of listening.”

27. “Grab a quick snack.”

28. “Tell drama, “Go to hell!””

29. “Lighten up.”

30. “Celebrate the small wins.”

31. “Kick denial out of your house”

32. “Divorce the past”

33. “Make mental wellness an intentional plan daily.”

“Make mental wellness an intentional plan daily.”

34. “Steer clear of narcissists.”

35. “Take naps.”

36. “Eat more salad.”

37. “Drink more water.”

38. “Break up your To-do in chunks.”

39. “Know what makes your anxiety spike.”

40. “Wake up 10 minutes earlier than normal.”

Powerful Ways To Stay Calm

When anxiety takes over it can be super hard to take control of it and change direction. That’s why the ideas in this list are so helpful.

Here you have concrete strategies you can employ on a regular basis to change your daily habits and infuse your life with a sense of calm.

When we incorporate calming strategies into our lives, we develop an atmosphere that encourages peacefulness.

This, in turn, helps us to respond to stressful situations in a better way. You will handle the stress more productively because you are in a better, healthier, more calm frame of mind overall.

You will also find that things you might have found stressful before won’t even register as stressful when you are living a daily routine of calm and peace of mind.

There are terrific suggestions here that you can try. 

Whether you choose to see a therapist, improve your sleep routine, or adopt a mantra to live by, there are ideas here that will help you to reduce the anxiety in your life.

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25 Powerful Ways To Stay Calm

41. “Eliminate black and white or all-or-nothing language from your vernacular.”

42. “Distance yourself from negative self-talk and beliefs”

43. “Distract your mind when the worry train rolls up.”

44. “Surround your home or office with green plants.”

45. “Keep a journal”

46. “Lay down next to and pet your dog, cat, rabbit, or sloth for five minutes.”

“Lay down next to and pet your dog, cat, rabbit, or sloth for five minutes.”

47. “Prime your bedroom for a good night’s rest.”

48. “Manage fear by focusing on what’s happening this moment.”

49. “Tell the truth.”

50. “Start each day with a warm cup of water with lemon.”

51. “Visit an animal shelter”

52. “Visit a therapist.”

53. “Practice self-compassion

54. “Practice the 4-4-4 breathing technique.”

55. “Exaggerate your greatest fear.”

56. “Return to the breath.”

57. “Make sleep a priority.”

58. “Experiment Differtent Things”

59. “ Follow the everything-has-a-place rule.”

60. “Work less, talk less, text less, stress less, eat less.”

“Work less, talk less, text less, stress less, eat less.”

61. “Remember that most people don’t care”

62. “ Do something.”

63. “Establish firm boundaries”

64. “Ward off panic with belly-breathing.”

65. “Plan a get-together with a friend or a group of friends.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Effective Strategies To Find Peace Of Mind?

Effective strategies to find peace of mind include practicing mindfulness, engaging in relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and meditation, setting boundaries, cultivating gratitude, and adopting a positive mindset. These practices help quiet the mind and promote inner harmony.

Is It Possible To Find Peace Of Mind During Challenging Times?

Yes, it is possible to find peace of mind during challenging times. While it may require more effort and practice, engaging in mindfulness, seeking support from others, and focusing on what you can control can help navigate difficulties with greater ease and resilience.

How Can I Maintain A Sense Of Peace Of Mind In The Long Term?

To maintain a sense of peace of mind in the long term, prioritize self-care practices, establish healthy boundaries, nurture supportive relationships, and cultivate a mindset of gratitude and positivity. Regularly check in with yourself and adjust your self-care routine as needed to support your mental and emotional well-being.

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