Chakra Frequencies: 21 Simple Ways To Use Them For Healing

Last Updated on September 18, 2023

You may know that yoga, meditation, crystals, and aromatherapy can unblock chakras. Still, very few people know different frequencies can do so too. What are chakra frequencies? What’s a solfeggio scale? What’s the meaning of solfeggio frequencies in the chakra system?

Healing tones of chakra frequencies rely on resonant vibrations of the seven chakras and their solfeggio scales. They’re divided based on the specific chakra that they activate.

Find out all about the link between chakras and specific solfeggio frequency, the scale, and natural resonance so that you can start healing too.

Let’s glide right into it!

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Basics: What Do Chakra Frequencies Mean?

Sound healing is a vast subject. But brushing up on elementary physics is good to understand how it works. Elementary physics taught us that everything in the universe has a natural frequency at which it vibrates, called resonant frequency.

Source: Tesla Research

But do you know these vibrations can create healing effects? When you tune your cells to specific sounds, it resonates with the same frequency to heal. That’s how sound works and the cosmos too.

Don’t believe us, but perhaps Tesla can make you understand!

As the tiny machine made by Tesla nearly destroyed a whole building with its vibrations, it’s evident that healing sounds can work on cells in our body.

Frequency can even destroy cancer cells, according to the research of Professor Holland, as you can see in the video below.

Recently, researchers have also discovered vibrations that can change your cells and transform the way our body works.

Further observations concluded each of the seven chakras has specific chakra frequencies that you can measure. Thus, you can clear blockages in the chakra system with frequency-based music. Incredible right?

You can also look out for the warning signs of each chakra to detect which is out of balance. I also suggest exploring chakra symbols, auras, and their meaning. They’ll help you familiarize the metaphysical side of healing.

That’s how you can also use singing bowls, gongs, wind chimes, didgeridoos, drums, and cymbals for healing techniques and sound therapy. You may know it as solfeggio music, sound healing, or singing bowl healing.

What Are Solfeggio Frequencies?

While the natural frequency of chakras is prescribed in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit, there’s a western meaning to healing music and its effects too. The exciting thing is, this isn’t a new-age fashion but one going on since ancient times.

Solfeggio frequencies refer to specific tones of sound that heal different parts of your body and mind. Although chakras are seven wheels of energy within the body, Solfeggio frequencies are based on an ancient scale of tones used by healers, shamans, and psychics for meditating.

The earliest use of this music and its harmony goes back to the Benedictine monk Guido D’Arezzo. He made the solfeggio scale of six healing frequencies.

History says Gregorian monks chanted in these tones to amplify their focus and energy ecosystem during prayers. Each frequency in this scale used by the Benedectine monk benefits mental healing services today.

Root Chakra Frequency: What chakra is 432 Hz?

The first center in the chakra system, the root chakra, typically vibrates at 432 Hz. But the solfeggio frequency of the first power isn’t the same. Together, they’re responsible for cultivating healthy relationships and healing diseases in the human body.

Sanskrit NameMuladhara
LocationLower abdomen or base of the abdomen
Solfeggio Frequency394 Hz
Natural Frequency432 Hz

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Root Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

Hence, by listening to music vibrations of singing bowls tuned to the frequency of 432 Hz, you can improve physical mobility in the body. Therefore, energy healers recommend getting a sound bowl of Note C to soak into the healing tone of the red chakra.

Get started with this video.

Root Chakra Frequency With Solfeggio Meditation

You can also balance your physical, spiritual, and mental self by meditating while listening to music with solfeggio frequencies at 396 Hz.

Therefore, healers suggest doing yogasanas that target the lower abdomen and kidneys to gain the power of courage and tether to Mother Earth.

Root Chakra Frequency With Affirmations

With this in mind, different frequencies have different effects on the energy ecosystem. Thus, even our sound has a healing effect. Then, you can chant affirmations to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression that’s blocking your Muladhara with this.

Here are some affirmations to try:

●I am grounded.

●I am safe.

● I am powerful.

What Frequency Is The Sacral Chakra?

When it comes to Svadhisthana frequency, your consciousness opens. Moreover, It’s the seat of emotional intelligence in the chakra system.

By tuning into the different frequencies of resonance and the solfeggio, you can heal your sex organs, legs, intestines, and lower back.

Sanskrit NameSvadhisthana
LocationPerineum or pelvic region
Solfeggio Frequency417 Hz
Natural Frequency480 Hz

Sacral Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

Tuning to a singing bowl music that resonates either to the natural frequency or solfeggio frequencies of solfeggio can bring harmony to the human body.

Using the tone of a singing bowl with different frequencies may also bring courage, libido, self-confidence, and luck into your life. But, measure the frequency first.

Or, try this!

Sacral Chakra Solfeggio Frequency With Meditation

It’s good to combine meditation and yoga with singing bowls to develop your kundalini energy of life force with Svadhisthana. Moreover, It’ll help you amplify the frequency to grow healthy relationships, boundaries, and emotions.

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Sacral Chakra Frequency With Chanting

The process of chanting links human consciousness and cosmic knowledge because it combines sound with vibration. Therefore by reciting the affirmations below, you’ll develop a sense of personal power.

●I accept myself.

●I am creative.

● I can adapt to change.

Solar Plexus Chakra Frequency

In the seven chakra system, the solar plexus exists at the integration point of 72,000 nadis. Hence, it contains your personal sun and its power. Therefore, you’ll develop creative thinking, healthy weight loss, and joy by tuning into different frequencies on the third energy center.

Sanskrit NameManipura
LocationFour inches above the belly button
Solfeggio Frequency528 Hz
Natural Frequency528 Hz

Solar Plexus Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

One of the best healing techniques to heal with third chakra vibration is by using singing bowl music. Instead of having to measure the frequency, you can select a bowl with the note E. Besides, It can inspire and activate your inner fire.

Check this video to start.

Solfeggio Solar Plexus Frequency With Meditation

Do you know 528 Hz is the resonant frequency of plants on Earth and the sun?

Therefore, this is the only chakra where the solfeggio frequencies coincide with the natural resonate frequency of the chakra. That’s why it’s great to listen to either while meditating. Doing so will alleviate pain and improve physical mobility. Then, mix it with upper abdomen yoga to achieve weight loss.

Solar Plexus Frequency With Chanting

Different frequencies of the Manipura can be enhanced by chanting the seed syllable of the chakra. In fact, chanting affirmations of the Manipura chakra will help you manifest desires as it’s a Miracle tone.

●I am safe.

●My body and mind are healthy.

● I am powerful.

What Frequency is Heart chakra?

Chakra frequencies heal, but the fourth chakra healing tones are perfect for heart health and emotional balance.

Thus, by listening to natural and solfeggio frequencies associated with this chakra, your positive emotions will increase, and blockages in the chakra system will vanish.

Sanskrit NameAnahata
LocationMiddle of the chest
Solfeggio Frequency639 Hz
Natural Frequency594 Hz

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Heart Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

The tone of positive change, prosperity, and pain management, hence singing bowls with Anahata frequency brings harmony to you. Therefore, Listening to a sound bowl with an F note allows you to open your soul to universal love.

Enjoy this heart chakra bowl music.

Solfeggio Heart Chakra Frequency With Meditation

With the associated colors of green and pink, meditating while visualizing the heart chakra symbol and listening to solfeggio frequencies helps you connect with the complete energy ecosystem in the cosmos.

Watch out; this sound ritual might even make you emotional!

Heart Chakra Frequency With Chanting

To remove blockages of the fourth chakra, you can find balance by combining the healing sound of Anahata with your own sound and vibration indeed. Chant the following affirmations to bring stability if you’re under stress.

●I invite love.

●I am kind.

● I accept myself.

Throat Chakra Frequency

The sacred-most center in the chakra system is the throat. You’ll find creativity, self-esteem, confidence, and communication skills besides physical body healing by soaking in the healing music of its natural and solfeggio frequencies.

Sanskrit NameVishuddha
LocationOver the thyroid gland
Solfeggio Frequency741 Hz
Natural Frequency672 Hz

Throat Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

Enjoying Tibetan Bowls with 672 Hz of the throat chakra is excellent for uplifting self-confidence, courage, and trust. Therefore, Healers recommend using the tone of sound bowls to bring about a positive change with its harmony. Moreover, you don’t have to measure the frequency if you get a note F bowl.

Start with this video.

Throat Chakra Solfeggio Frequency With Meditation

Solfeggio Frequencies of Vishuddha bring freedom and revelation of destiny. When you meditate, your aura glows in blue with creativity or associated colors of cyan or turquoise. It’s also perfect for goal-setting and manifestations.

Throat Chakra Frequency With Chanting

You’ll find it easy to develop self-esteem and clear speaking skills by listening to both the different frequencies while chanting positive affirmations. Try these mantras to combine your sound and vibration at once:

●I speak my truth.

●I am positive.

● I hear my inner voice.

What Frequency Is The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra frequency connects you with the higher consciousness. When you tune in to it, the entire chakra system becomes active by the flow of life force. Therefore, It’ll help you become intuitive, psychic, and safe with the protection of angels.

Sanskrit NameAjna
LocationBetween your brows
Solfeggio Frequency852 Hz
Natural Frequency720 Hz

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Third Eye Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

In fact, Singing bowls aligned to the Ajna have a deeper connection to the universe. Furthermore, Playing a singing bowl associated with this energy center can let you access akashic records. Therefore, Don’t measure the frequency of your bow. Instead, pick one with the tone of note A.

Listen to this frequency for a few minutes.

Third Eye Chakra Solfeggio Frequency With Meditation

To attune your spiritual eye to solfeggio frequencies, you should meditate while playing the 852 Hz music. As a result, It’ll help open your perspective with deep dreams of cosmic secrets and see beyond the reality around you. Then visualize the indigo aura to get started.

Third Eye Chakra Frequency With Chanting

The sixth chakra is responsible for psychic abilities like clairvision, astral projections, clairvoyance, fortune-telling, and karmic recall when you chant the seed syllable. You can also develop the same by reciting these affirmations:

●I see my spiritual destiny and life’s purpose.

● I trust my intuition.

●I am connected to my highest self.

Crown Chakra Frequency

When it comes to the highest energy in the chakra system, frequency is higher too. And so, listening to the associated tones imbues spiritual balance, positive emotions, creative thinking, and spiritual communication.

Furthermore, the highest point that connects your bodily chakras to the secondary ones has the sky to the material world and the spirit world. It’s associated with violet, lilac, and purple colors.

Sanskrit NameSahasrara
LocationTop of the head or on your forehead
Solfeggio Frequency963 Hz
Natural Frequency768 Hz

Crown Chakra Frequency With Tibetan Bowl

Playing a Tibetan bowl that resonates with the Sahasrara paves the way to cosmic harmony and higher consciousness.

If you regularly listen to its music before bed, you’ll experience deep dreams about the universe. To pick the right bowl, don’t measure the frequency because all you need to look out for is a sound bowl that sings in Note B.

Solfeggio Crown Chakra Frequency With Meditation

In fact, Sahasrara is known for opening your mind to the secondary chakras above the seventh. Hence, when you meditate while listening to solfeggio frequencies, astral projections and spiritual communication happen as your pineal gland opens.

Try this music and see for yourself!

Crown Chakra Frequency With Chanting

The link between the divine and human consciousness is the purple chakra. By exploring the solfeggio scale while chanting mantras, you’ll discover the secrets of the universe and the skill of clear speaking.

Start by reciting these affirmations:

●I am protected by my spirit.

●I welcome the divine energy.

● I hear the voice of the cosmos.

Before You Go: Heal With Chakra Frequency TODAY!

Now that you’re familiar with the different chakra frequencies in the seven chakra system, it’s time to practice it. We suggest trying out both natural chakra frequencies and solfeggio frequencies to find out the tone that leads to chakra healing for you.

Make sure to use the music of the solfeggio scale to find healing and power for your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you follow psychics, healers, shamans, or the Benedictine monk we talked about, chakra healing has vast data to explore.

These sounds can create and repair cells while destroying diseased cells in the body. Moreover, there are healing techniques to open chakras with energy healing techniques of yogasanas, visualizing, chanting affirmations, foods, aromas, and much more.

Read about the history of chakras next!

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