20 Reasons You Can Be Happy Despite Your Circumstances

Last Updated on February 7, 2024

Happiness is an emotion that seems to elude many of us. We chase after it throughout our lives, but many feel they never truly attain it. However, the truth is, you can be happy. With the right mindset and strategies, lasting happiness is within reach.

What is it about happiness that makes it so challenging to achieve?

In December of 2006, a movie starring Will Smith, set in San Francisco, was released. The title of the movie is The Pursuit of Happyness.

The movie is about a man who lives a meager existence, unable to pay rent, barely able to feed himself and his son whom he has custody of.

Gardner (the real-life person portrayed by Will Smith) endures the break-up of his marriage, extreme poverty, and homelessness.

In the face of constant, extreme challenges, Gardner never lets his son down, and keeps up his spirits, the man doggedly pursues his dream to work in finance, and eventually achieves his dream.

We can take away a few important lessons from this memorable film. First of all, never give up on your dreams. Keep working towards their fulfillment despite constant barriers.

Secondly, always have hope, even in the darkest times. As long as we have hope, we can find within ourselves what it takes to get through the challenges.

Thirdly, work hard to reach your goals. Put in the time and effort to know what you need for the job or career that you want. Have the knowledge and skills necessary.

Be prepared for opportunities when they arise and stay committed.

If you are struggling to find happiness and you are feeling discouraged, this article will help you to reflect on reasons for sticking with your personal pursuit of happiness.

I will look at why you should choose happiness and discuss the benefits of living a life that reflects this attitude rather than one that emphasizes the negative.

Join me as I take you through reasons to stay happy and how you can successfully pursue happiness in your life.

Read on and take a giant step towards improving the quality of your life, and begin making every day a better day.

Reasons For Choosing To Be Happy

Have you ever known someone who just seems to be a grump? Such people would appear to have made a conscious decision to be negative about everything in life.

These are the folks who complain endlessly about everything from mail delivery to the state of the union.

You may know such an individual through work or maybe you have a relative who fits into this category.

If it’s through work, they likely complain about the commute, their workload, their salary, the poor coffee, the inequities in the workplace, how they always get the  worst tasks, how their co-workers are pathetic and incapable, how the hours are unfair, and the dress code is ridiculous.

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a relative who is like this, someone you can’t avoid at family get-togethers, then you most likely try to avoid,as much as possible, having a conversation with them.

It might be a crabby aunt or uncle or maybe one of your first cousins, but it is no fun being around them.

This person wants to take you into their confidence about how brutal and unfair the job market is, or how their significant other never treats them the way they should. 

This individual will go on endlessly with innumerable details about how their partner hasn’t done their share of the work around the house, doesn’t show their appreciation for everything they do, or didn’t take them to a fancy enough restaurant for Valentine’s Day.

Something I have noticed about negative people is that they love it when you jump on the ‘complain train’ with them. 

It’s like adding fuel to the fire. They think they have a soul mate – what fun! Not.

My advice is, do not let these negative people in your life influence you or drag you down into the mire and the muck of unhappiness.

There are sooo many great reasons to choose happiness over negativeness. Put yourself on the right side of the line.

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12 Reasons How You Can Stay Happy

1. “Joy can improve your health, something that gives you many possibilities: Did you know that staying positive can also impact your immune system? Optimistic people have stronger immune systems than people who are pessimists.”

2. “Be Happy for Music: Music is a blessing to everyone. Remember the time when your favourite song takes you to another place. There is so much music out there, so try and listen to it and enjoy it.”

3. “The Little Things: Try and find happiness in the little things of life.”

"The Little Things: Try and find happiness in the little things of life."-You Can Be Happy

4. “Be Happy for the Gift of Life: Stay happy and gay because there may be no tomorrow. Just be happy with the basic truth that you are alive. You can love, laugh and cry again.”

5. “Long-term happiness depends on your ability to notice small details: Learn to take joy in the little things of life. Real happiness lies in the smaller things in life.”

6. “Enjoying the present moment: Enjoy that you have today rather than aspiring for what you would have tomorrow”

7. “Unexpected Opportunities Are Blessings: We have trained ourselves to be sad when something bad happens all of a sudden, but try to be happy for the good things that happened to you out of the blue.”

8. “Every day is a new opportunity to be better; that pursuit can increase your self-esteem and happiness: Thrive to be perfect in things you like to do. It will improve the quality of your life”

9. “Be Thankful for Your Experiences: Think of your experiences, good and bad, as opportunities that have crafted you as this great complex special individual.”

10. “Your Abilities Can Give You Joy: We do not even realize how lucky we are that we can write and our motor skills function perfectly.”

11. “Find Happiness in Unanswered Prayers: If everybody got everything they prayed for, what is the point of living? There is a reason that god did not give every desired thing to humans?”

12. “Finding reasons to be happy now can benefit your future: It is a scientifically proven fact that women who had positive emotions had more successful marriages and were more focused in life.”

Reasons For Choosing Happiness

Have you heard about intentionality and manifestation? Pretty powerful stuff!

Let’s back this up a bit and start with considering what you might want out of life.

I think it’s safe to say that people want success in life. This word, success, can mean many different things.

What is considered to be success for one person may be something totally different for another individual.

What most people have in common, however, is that the success they want is tied to their achievement of happiness.

Happiness is defined as good fortune, pleasure, contentment, joy.

I will admit that some people do not necessarily achieve happiness when they achieve success. It may be that the number of hours they have to work takes too much time away from their family or time to relax and take it easy.

However, for most people, a sense of contentment, pleasure, and even joy comes through their success.

Intentionality and manifestation have been shown to be powerful ways to achieve success.

When we are intentional about something, it means we are focused and specific in our focus.

This intentionality is critical in making progress toward goal attainment, and is a necessary part of manifestation.

Manifestation requires, first of all, determining what you want out of life. In other words, what do you want in order to be happy/successful?

This will lead to your setting goals that are based on your dreams and aspirations. To manifest these dreams and turn them into reality, you can utilize a number of strategies.

Set specific goals using the acronym, SMART. These letters stand for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. 

Clearly-set goals are at the foundation of manifestation as they will allow you to be intentional.

Vision boards and affirmations are also very helpful strategies to employ.

By using all of the various strategies and techniques available to you, you can be on your way to attaining your goals, and ultimately, achieving happiness.

Check out the following list for inspiration to pursue a life of happiness no matter what your challenges and circumstances are.

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8 Why Choose Happiness

13. “Be Joyful in Things That Mold You: Realize at every step of your life that it was a challenge you passed through and be happy that it has led to your growth.”

14. “Friendships Are a Sign of Lucky People: Feel blessed if you have people outside of your blood relations who unconditionally care for you and love you. Do not take your friendships for granted.”

15. “Be Glad for the New Day. A Fresh Start: Sadly, all the happiness will pass, but surely all the bad days.”

"Be Glad for the New Day. A Fresh Start: Sadly, all the happiness will pass, but surely all the bad days."

16. “Be Happy You Have a Place to Call Home: There are many people out there who do not have a roof over their heads and no place they can call home. They are homeless.”

17. “Find Happiness in Your Passion: Things that you can work for relentlessly are the ones you are passionate about. So find your passion and make it your career.”

18. “Find Happiness in Your Surroundings: Smile at the tree you saw on the sidewalk today or the road you can walk and drive your car on.”

19. “Be Happy That Your Story Isn’t Over: Your story is not over till you are alive. So be happy you have every chance for events to take a new turn.”

20. “Be Glad for Rest: Taking time to rest and recoup is a blessing; if you can do that, feel lucky.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Simple Practices To Boost Happiness?

Simple practices to boost happiness include practicing gratitude, engaging in activities you enjoy, nurturing social connections, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine. Small, consistent efforts can make a significant impact.

Can Positive Habits Influence Long-Term Happiness?

Yes, positive habits can significantly influence long-term happiness. Establishing habits such as regular exercise, maintaining a healthy sleep routine, practicing self-care, and fostering positive relationships can create a foundation for sustained happiness.

Can Seeking Professional Help Contribute To Happiness?

Seeking professional help, such as therapy or counseling, can contribute to happiness by providing support and guidance in navigating challenges, managing stress, and addressing underlying issues. Mental health professionals can offer valuable tools and strategies for promoting overall well-being.

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